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1. pertaining to fever.
2. characterized by fever; called also feverish, pyrectic, and pyretic.


1. Synonym(s): febrile
2. Having a fever.


/fe·ver·ish/ (fe´ver-ish) febrile.


a. Relating to or resembling a fever.
b. Having a fever or symptoms characteristic of a fever.
c. Causing or tending to cause fever.

fe′ver·ish·ly adv.
fe′ver·ish·ness n.


1. Synonym(s): febrile.
2. Having a fever.

Patient discussion about feverish

Q. High Fever - is it dangerous? high fever over a long period can be dangerous. on the other hand it shows also that your body is working like Superman...

A. the heart surgeon knows, that if he touchs during a heart-operation this sparkle of 96°C, the patient will die. exitus for sure! the problem for the heart surgeon is, that he don't know why it is so. this is the big problem you can have with a doctor who don't know about such things. if you like to know more about this sparkle and why the patient dies, write me a mail and i will share with you a link to read about it. ask me if you don't understand me for what i try to teach you. FEVER is a healing-system nature gave us. Let it work naturally. don't make a tonsillectomy just because some do or because it is a fashion. think first about it. your tonsils have functions and we need them. they are not just decoration. my parents forced me to make a tonsillectomy because they were told to do so because i had many otitis. i would never do it to my kids. i have since 30 years from time to time pain there and i loose some blood. it hurts terribly when it is acute.

Q. What Causes Cough With Fever? Often during winter I become sick with fever and on going cough. What causes it?

A. Cough with fever can be a first sign to many respiratory tract infections with viruses or bacterias, starting from simple ones as the common cold (or "flu") up to more serious conditions such as pneumonia, that requires medical care and medications.

Q. What Treats Cough With Fever? I have the flu and so my entire body hurts, and I can't stop coughing. What type of medications can I buy over-the-counter to help me feel better?

A. Simple analgesics are good for lowering fever and easing pain. As for the cough, there is a question whether or not cough suppressants are actually recommended. http://www.5min.com/Video/Do-Cough-Syrups-Work-5602143

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8[degrees]C] or feverishness, cough, sore throat, or rhinorrhea); ILI, influenza-like illness (i.
Victims suffer flu-like symptoms, including high temperature, feverishness and chills, coughs, muscle pains and headaches.
Since the trip, he had suffered excessive sweating, depression, lethargy and feverishness.
People with fibromyalgia may also experience other related problems, including irritable bowel syndrome, jaw pain or tenderness, insomnia, fatigue, feverishness, chills without high temperatures and even chest pains.
Representing the expressionistic Schoenberg are the Six Orchestral Songs of Opus 8 (Alessandra Marc the generous soloist) and the often-recorded, now staple First Chamber Symphony (a little lacking in feverishness here).
Whilst its theme of deathbed feverishness links it with Elgar's Dream of Gerontius, the sheer amount of incident it packs into its short span gives it a markedly different atmosphere.
The symptoms of the terrible malady began with a headache followed by feverishness and restless sleep.
I know that there is a sense of frenzy, feverishness and speculation, but I can just tell you, because people are worried about what is going to happen to themselves and their families, that the Government is hard at work making sure we protect people in difficult times," she said.
And he said he suffered malaria-like feverishness, sleeplessness, excessive sweating and lethargy.