fetoplacental anasarca

fe·to·pla·cen·tal an·a·sar·ca

edema of fetus and placenta as found in fetal hydrops.
References in classic literature ?
He believed that freemasons generally get on in the world, and as the main object of his life was to get on, he joined them, and wanted me to do the same.
Oh, yes, we sailors are like freemasons, and recognize each other by signs.
Them French boats are chock-full o' Freemasons, an' that's why.
Beyond the obvious facts that he has at some time done manual labour, that he takes snuff, that he is a Freemason, that he has been in China, and that he has done a considerable amount of writing lately, I can deduce nothing else.
snapped Valognes--"some plot of the Jews and Freemasons.
You mentioned your name, as if I should recognize it, but I assure you that, beyond the obvious facts that you are a bachelor, a solicitor, a Freemason, and an asthmatic, I know nothing whatever about you.
But he must be a Freemason," said he, referring to the abbe whom he had met that evening.
Saradine was a French freemason and a fierce atheist, and a priest moved him by the law of contraries.
There surely is no general sympathy among knaves; nor have they, like freemasons, any common sign of communication.