fetal medicine

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fe·tal med·i·cine

(fē'tăl med'i-sin)
Study of the growth, development, care, and treatment of the fetus, and of environmental factors harmful to the fetus.
Synonym(s): fetology.
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We have always been committed to offering the most advanced services to our patients over the last 35 years and we are now endeavouring to introduce the latest, state of the art fetal medicine therapeutic procedures for our mothers and babies including fetal transfusions, laser treatments for complicated twins and in-utero shunts.
Mid-South Maternal Fetal Medicine is the first practice in our area to obtain this, and it will be a tremendous asset to our treatment efforts.
The Fetal Medicine Centre became the first institution outside of North America to begin offering the Harmony test to patients in October 2012, and Nicolaides and his team are evaluating the clinical experiences of patients who undergo the testing and give birth.
To be recognized by the Fetal Medicine Foundation means that PerkinElmer has successfully demonstrated our common commitment to prenatal screening, and that our assays meet their strict criteria to be used in FMF certified laboratories.
12] New Guidelines for VBAC: Statement of the Committee on Obstetrics: Maternal and Fetal Medicine.
director of the Fetal Medicine Foundation and the Harris Birthright Research Centre for Fetal Medicine at King's College Hospital in London, added, "Cell-free DNA testing has already significantly advanced the level of care for expectant mothers.
18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Through a partnership with The Fetal Medicine Centre, Ariosa Diagnostics (TM) has announced the availability of the Harmony (TM) Prenatal Test in the United Kingdom.
Led by Erika F Werner, MD, MS, assistant professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who performed the work with Heather S Lipkind, MD, MS, assistant professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Yale School of Medicine, the researchers reviewed birth certificate and hospital discharge information for 2,560 small for gestational age babies who were delivered preterm.
Formal training in this technology has not occurred on a large scale, however, and this has raised concern that, although Doppler investigations play a significant role in modern-day fetal medicine, incorrect technique or inappropriate application of Doppler may result in harmful practice.
THE Fetal Medicine Centre at Liverpool Women's hospital is a highly-specialised unit providing a service for women from all over the northwest and further afield.
experts in fetal and maternal medicine in the UK, overview fetal medicine, its screening methods, diagnostic techniques, and the management of abnormalities.