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As a fertility drug, it assists men who are dealing with low sperm count but it can also be used as a performance-enhancing substance commonly used by male athletes as it lowers sperm count and enhances an athlete's performance.
New Research Reveals how High Street Chemists are Overcharging for Fertility Drugs
Certainly it isn't the reason that today's childless woman is relying on fertility drugs to make her a potential mother.
15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The widespread use of so-called fertility drugs, not just high-tech laboratory procedures, likely plays a larger role than previously realized in the growing problem of premature births in the United States, because these drugs cause a high percentage of multiple births, the March of Dimes said today.
However, another study that looked specifically at use of particular fertility drugs found no overall risk of ovarian cancer in a large cohort (BMJ 2009 Feb.
FERTILITY drugs have been linked to an increased risk of womb cancer in women treated three decades ago.
Boy and girl twins are the first babies in Britain to be artificially conceived using a revolutionary new procedure that dispenses with fertility drugs.
Posillico has extensive business experience in the commercialization of fertility drugs and related products through 10 years employment with Serono from 1985 to 1995.
MONTREAL -- The process of collecting immature eggs from unstimulated ovaries, and then maturing them in the lab before fertilizing them, known as in vitro maturation, may someday completely eliminate the need for fertility drugs during in vitro fertilization.
In a Netmums survey of 800 women, just under 4% said they would definitely buy the fertility drug Clomid on the internet - and a further 12% would consider doing so.
For more than a decade, controversy has surrounded the relationships among infertility, fertility drug use and the risk of ovarian cancer," said Roberta Ness, M.
A zoo vet consulted leading gynaecologist David Hill for advice and Salome was given fertility drug clomifene, which is also used by women, to kick- start her ovulation.