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Erwin S., U.S. physicist, 1868-1956. See: Ferry-Porter law.
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The state-owned ystanbul Ferry Lines (yDO) increased the number of ferry boats in order to ease the heavy traffic.
Building ferry boats, there has been plenty sinking around the world, skills in everything to do with the sea.
Just as enjoyable is hopping onto one of the Victoria Harbour Ferry boats favored by professionals who live west of the city, just across the water.
He said the internationally infamous prison, which was the site of the nation's first electric chair and a favorite subject of Hollywood in the '20s and '30s, was ideally located on the river where ferry boats could deliver visitors.
Solomon founder Dave Tether noted that two ferry boats currently in service on an Augusta, GA canal are already using the company's drive technology.
We have the capability to expand its use to ferry boats, cruise ships and make the system available to other navies in the world.
3 million; * Ferry Boats and Terminals, 20 grants in 13 states, $17.
Tourism officials in the Sault and Mackinaw City have hit upon an adventurous method to introduce first-time visitors to the area with a new tour package known as Trains, Planes and Ferry Boats, a five-day excursion taking in the sights and sounds of local tourist, historical and gaming attractions in the Algoma district and northern Michigan.
The dolphin has been follwing the ferry boats back and forth across the Blasket Sound and spending the nights at the boat moorings on the Great Blasket or back in Dunchaoin.
Those companies operate cruises, windjammers, ferry boats, gaming vessels, excursion boats and eco-tours.
AT least 50 people were feared drowned after two ferry boats carrying 250 people sank in a tropical storm on a Bangladesh river.