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n.pl iron-based magnets that generally produce relatively weak fields.
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The project for which this dilution refrigerator will be purchased seeks to combine superconducting qubits and high quality ferromagnets in a field that might be referred to as quantum magnonics.
With chameleon magnets, such alignment would be tunable and would require no magnetic field and could revolutionize the role ferromagnets play in technology," they added.
Sixth International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metal, Superconductors and Ferromagnets
Privorotskii, Theory of Domain Structure of Uniaxial Ferromagnets, Soviet Physics JETP 32 (5), 964-970 (1971).
Nevertheless, researchers are now on the track of polymers and molecular solids that could readily pass for metallic ferromagnets.
Introduced by Bloch as plane waves of magnetization in unconfined ferromagnets, spin waves currently play an important role for description of very small magnetic systems ranging from microelements, building the basis for magnetic sensors, down to magnetic nano-contacts.
These carriers can be injected from ferromagnets (FM).
The origin of the oscillatory response stems from the gyromagnetic properties inherent in all ferromagnets.
Recently, submicron ferromagnets have been incorporated into Gs and InAs by Mn+ ion implantation or by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE).
Like electron paramagnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance, FMR involves precession of the magnetization around an equilibrium direction, but motion of the magnetization is heavily influenced by the large magnetization that is characteristic of ferromagnets.
Some examples of non-traditional questions which are treated in detail in the book: the influence of density of states singularities on electron properties; many-electron description of strong itinerant magnetism; mechanisms of magnetic anisotropy; microscopic theory of anomalous transport phenomena in ferromagnets.