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n.pl iron-based magnets that generally produce relatively weak fields.
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These operations can be performed hundreds of times faster than measuring the magnetization or magnetization reversal of a ferromagnet.
Below the Curie temperature, this causes a strong magnetic polarization, as seen in ferromagnets.
In the past, tunable band-stop filters have used dielectric ferromagnets such as Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG).
The goal is to provide better substrates, optimized microstructures for ferromagnets, and other ceramic advances.
Due to the versatility and processability of organic semiconductors, they are ideal candidates for obtaining chiral electron flow leading to functional organic spintronic devices without ferromagnets.
This is in contrast to conventional magnetism, found in materials called ferromagnets -- where all of the magnetic forces align in the same direction, reinforcing each other -- or antiferromagnets, where adjacent magnetic elements align in opposite directions, leading to complete cancellation of the material's overall magnetic field.
With chameleon magnets, such alignment would be tunable and would require no magnetic field and could revolutionize the role ferromagnets play in technology," they added.
Sixth International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metal, Superconductors and Ferromagnets
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Piezoelectric materials, such as lead zirconium titanate or liquid crystal polymers, and magnetostrictive materials, such as some nickel-iron alloys or molecular ferromagnets, correspond to the fast-twitch muscles of the human body.
Nevertheless, researchers are now on the track of polymers and molecular solids that could readily pass for metallic ferromagnets.