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pertaining to substances, such as iron, nickel, and cobalt, that are strongly affected by magnetism and may become magnetized by exposure to a magnetic field.


(fer″ō-mag-net′ik) [ ferro- + magnetic]
Pert. to a metal (e.g., cobalt, iron, nickel, and some alloys) capable of being magnetized when placed in a magnetic field.


Ferromagnetic materials are unsafe in magnetic resonance imaging environments.
ferromagnet (fer″ŏ-mag′nĕt) ferromagnetism (fer″ō-mag′nĕ-tizm)

ferromagnetic (fer´ōmagnet´ik),

adj pertaining to substances that exhibit unusually strong magnetic properties; ironlike substances.
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When a ferromagnetic object begins to pass through the FerrAlert[TM] detection portal, a signal is generated and communicated to the FILM.
As the dimensions of the ferromagnetic particles come closer to the single-domain state, the controlling remagnetisation mechanism is the process of synchronous (coherent) rotation of the majority of individual atomic magnetic moments.
2) as: The eigenfunction in the left ferromagnetic lead (z < -L/2) is given by:
The linear model of the air gap between the surfaces of a pair of N-S magnets covered by ferromagnetic shoes and stator's ferromagnetic core of a PM generator (Fig.
Stationary permanent magnetic separators, in particular, plates, grates and traps, are often used to collect ferromagnetic iron particles and ensure product quality.
Table 3 gives the percent contribution of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic minerals to the magnetic susceptibility of the selected samples as noted above.
The prototype design uses ferromagnetic rods and Hall Effect sensors on a glass substrate.
This tragic accident highlighted the potential operational dangers of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and was an impetus in the creation of the first patented ferromagnetic detection system for MRI, FerrAlert[TM], by Kopp Development Inc.
The CEIA MetalMag walk-through detector and CEIA PD240CH hand-held detector combine the benefits of both cutting-edge metal detection and ferromagnetic detection functionality to automatically filter and suppress alarms for non-threat items, without compromising the required threat item detection capabilities.
Among the topics are a numerical model, the computational design of magnetic artificial cilia, electrostatic artificial cilia, ferromagnetic cilia, light-actuated artificial cilia based on liquid crystal networks, microwalkers, artificial flagellar micro-swimmers, manipulating fluid by artificial cilia, and measuring fluid flow generated by artificial cilia.
According to their latest findings, modified ferromagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles hold promise for enabling rapid separation of uranyl ions from water samples.
Prior to using the ferromagnetic inks for attaching to human skin, the ink material may be exposed to elevated temperatures to cause demagnetisation," the Telegraph quoted Nokia as saying in the US patent application.