(fer'i-sī'tō-krōm, fer-ē-),
A cytochrome containing oxidized (ferric) iron.
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Total SOD activity was determined by monitoring the inhibition of the reduction of ferricytochrome C at 550 nm, using the xanthine-xanthine oxidase system as the source of superoxide.
UQCRC1 is an oligomeric enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of electrons from coenzyme QH2 to ferricytochrome c with the coupled translocation of protons across the mitochondrial inner membrane (Brandt and Trumpower, 1994).
Reduction of ferricytochrome c by superoxide was monitored from the increase in absorbance at 550 nm with reference at 540 nm for 45 minutes [8].
Kinetics and mechanism of the reduction of ferricytochrome c by the superoxide anion.
The superoxide-scavenging activity was calculated by measuring the reduction rate of ferricytochrome c.