ferric sulfate

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fer·ric sul·fate

(fer'ik sŭl'fāt),
Iron persulfate, tersulfate, or sesquisulfate; an astringent and styptic.
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The growing awareness towards health is the primary driver for the growth of ferric sulfate market.
DALLAS, May 1, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Global Ferric Sulfate Industry is a professional and depth research report on global Ferric Sulfate industry.
Thus, this research was designed to study efficiency of ferric chloride ferric and poly ferric sulfate coagulants in removal of turbidity and reduction on organic matter input to Ardabil Treatment Plant.
Pulpal tissue reaction to formocresol vs ferric sulfate in pulpotomized rat molars.
TABLE 1 Finished Waters--Sources and Major Treatment Processes Finished Water Original Source Water Major Treatment Process G1 Groundwater Aeration G2 Groundwater Lime softening, sedimentation, filtration G3 Blended source* Lime softening, sedimentation, filtration G4 Blended source Membrane nanofiltration S1 Surface water Ferric sulfate coagulation, ozonation, biologically activated carbon filtration S2 CSF water** Membrane nanofiltration R0 Groundwater Membrane reverse osmosis (R0) * Blend of finished G1, R0, and surface water after coagulation- sedimentation-filtration.
In addition to alum, the research team tested mixtures of sodium aluminate, calcium oxide (quicklime), calcium hydroxide (slaked lime), calcitic and dolomitic limestone, gypsum, ferrous and ferric chloride, and ferrous and ferric sulfate.
The study Ferric sulfate (CAS 10028-22-5) Market Research Report 2010 presents an overview of the Ferric sulfate market globally and regionally by contemplating and analyzing its parameters.
Magnesium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, ferric chloride, ferrous chloride, hydrogen peroxide, and biocatalyst liquid that stimulates endogenous bacteria to control odors in wastewater collection systems are some of the required products and services to be provided.
One suggested explanation for the phenomenon is that "brines with an iron-mineral antifreeze," like ferric sulfate, could flow seasonally on parts of Mars, it said.
Team members from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston feel initial readings suggest that iron is mostly present in an oxidized form as ferric sulfate and that some of the differences in tints at Troy observed by the panoramic camera may come from differences in the hydration states of iron sulfates.
Evidence-based assessment: Evaluation of the formocresol verus ferric sulfate primary molar pulpotomy.
Surface water had low alkalinity and high levels of sulfates after ferric sulfate coagulation.