vastus intermedius (muscle)

(redirected from femoral muscle)

vas·tus in·ter·me·di·us (mus·cle)

central deep head of quadriceps muscle of anterior (extensor) compartment of thigh; origin, upper three fourths of anterior surface of shaft of femur; insertion, tibial tuberosity by way of common tendon of quadriceps femoris and patellar ligament; action, extends leg; nerve supply, femoral.
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Limitations of the present study include that we arbitrarily selected the NEP of the adductor magnus muscle branch as an example, and we did not describe NEPs for the obturator and femoral muscle nerve branches of our two cadavers.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of the nicotine chronical treatment associated with aerobic training about rectus Femoral Muscle (rFM).
The femoral muscle was cut off at the right thigh and rinsed with ice-cold saline, dried by blotting between two pieces of filter paper, weighed, and frozen in -75[degrees]C until being used for measurements.
Briefly, frozen samples of rat femoral muscle were homogenized in 300 [micro]L of RLT Buffer by Tissue Ruptor homogenizer (Qiagen).
2) Fat and skin thickness = subcutaneous fat and skin thickness on surface in the right femoral muscle.
Needle electromyography of the right rectus femoral muscle revealed shortened mean motor unit action potential duration.
I had a little tear in the femoral muscle, it bled and later stiffened.
Some authors associate its contraction with the contraction of quadriceps femoral muscle (Didio et al.
Longitudinal lateral and medial incisions had been made in the quadriceps femoral muscle to the level of the apex of the patella.
His thigh problem is centred around the femoral muscles that help the knee to bend.
Strong and enlarged femoral muscles of the hind legs make this impressive movement possible.