vastus intermedius (muscle)

(redirected from femoral muscle)

vas·tus in·ter·me·di·us (mus·cle)

central deep head of quadriceps muscle of anterior (extensor) compartment of thigh; origin, upper three fourths of anterior surface of shaft of femur; insertion, tibial tuberosity by way of common tendon of quadriceps femoris and patellar ligament; action, extends leg; nerve supply, femoral.
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2) Fat and skin thickness = subcutaneous fat and skin thickness on surface in the right femoral muscle.
Needle electromyography of the right rectus femoral muscle revealed shortened mean motor unit action potential duration.
I had a little tear in the femoral muscle, it bled and later stiffened.
The femoral muscles were collected following method described by Ademolu et.
The changes in concentrations of metabolites in the femoral muscles of adult males and adult females followed same patterns as described above for fat body and haemolymph (Table 3).
His thigh problem is centred around the femoral muscles that help the knee to bend.