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Theories, beliefs, and practices that seek to understand the views and the effects of views about women's abilities and realities. Hierarchical structures and power inequities have been found to significantly influence the experience of patients and nurses.
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Literary Strategies in Feministic Writing: Flora Nwapa's Cassava Song and Rice Song and Phanuel Egejuru's The Seed Yam Have Been Eaten".
Add to the mix the astute and quietly feministic teacher Mrs Linott and you are met with a melting pot of ideas, emotions and sexual leanings.
A feministic critique of the images of women in prose works of selected Xhosa writers (1909-1980).
Zora Neale Hurston: Woman of Endurance Zora Courageous, bold, unique, straightforward Liked to put pen to paper Who felt that she could be a spokesperson for women Who tried to shed light on African-American folk culture Who understood that she had a voice that had to be heard Who supported feministic views Who achieved success in writing many works of fiction Who failed to be rightfully recognized during her lifetime Lived from 1891 to 1960 Hurston --Star Thomas
Abraham's (2001) theory of womanism and hook's feministic discourse provide the analytical framework against which the experiences of South African women are examined.
Gudrun has since left the party, and she is trying to re-enter politics in a new party, the Feministic Initiative.
Henwood ("Adult Parent-Child Relationships: A View From Feministic and Discussible Social Psychology") focuses on the different theoretical and methodological perspectives in relationships between aging parents and children.
Contents include anti-war poems which nonetheless celebrate courage and fortitude, nationalistic poems such as 'The Australian' ('O brave Australian whistling man'), a number of poems about Sydney, further poems dealing with attitudes to illegitimacy, the well anthologised and feministic 'Eve-Song' and others along the same lines, such as 'Life and Thought' ('Her story one that neither strikes nor stirs, /Her world the four white walls of penury.
Nonetheless, when the latter arguments are met with strong feministic attitudes, they can, in fact, serve as a platform for a sweeping disqualification of all pornographic material on the Internet, or at the very least for the non-recognition of the authority of virtual communities to forge a virtual standard with regard to pornographic materials in their midst.
The poem sounds, to a modern reader, progressive, feministic, and in touch with female oppression.
In the Muslim social setting, a woman is considered a feministic creature of Allah and guided to progress in that capacity.
The editor, Inger Lovkrona, writes in the first introductory chapter that the authors represent several feministic theories on the issues of gender and violence.