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1. an individual of the sex that produces ova or bears young.
female orgasmic disorder persistently delayed or absent orgasm in a female after a normal sexual excitement phase of adequate focus, intensity, and duration. See also male orgasmic disorder.
female sexual arousal disorder a sexual dysfunction involving failure by a female either to attain or maintain the lubrication and swelling response of sexual excitement during sexual activity, after adequate stimulation, causing significant distress or interpersonal difficulty. Both physiological (such as endocrine) and psychological factors may be involved. Formerly called frigidity. See also male erectile disorder.


In humans, the gender that produces oocytes and bears the young.


/fe·male/ (fe´māl)
1. an individual organism of the sex that bears young or produces ova or eggs.


a. Of or denoting the sex that produces ova or bears young.
b. Characteristic of or appropriate to this sex in humans and other animals: female hormones; female fashions.
c. Consisting of members of this sex. See Usage Note at lady.
2. Of or denoting the gamete that is larger and less motile than the other corresponding gamete. Used of anisogamous organisms.
3. Botany
a. Designating an organ, such as a pistil or ovary, that functions in producing seeds after fertilization.
b. Bearing pistils but not stamens; pistillate: female flowers.
1. A female organism.
2. A woman or girl.

fe′male′ness n.


Etymology: L, femella, young woman
1 adj, pertaining to the sex that has the ability to become pregnant and bear children; feminine.
2 n, a female person.


zoology Denoting the gender that produces oocytes (or ova) and thus bears the young.
[L. femina, woman]


1. an individual of the sex that produces ova or bears young.
2. feminine.

female genital system anomalies
includes hermaphroditism, freemartinism, ovarian hypogenesis and aplasia, imperforate hymen, segmental aplasia of the paramesonephric duct, including uterus unicornis, uterus didelphys double cervix, cervical diverticula.
female pseudohermaphrodite

Patient discussion about female

Q. Is there any difference in male and female breast cancer patients?

A. Yes there are few differences found and they are male breast cancer develops at an older age, they are more frequently estrogen receptor positive compare to females, male breast cancer are found generally in high grade or advanced stage because the tissue of men is less as of women so by the time men identify it as cancer its grown to a high stage.

Q. can lypoma be cure with age of 45 female 100% i have lypoma at back between arm from long time my age is 45 also has problem of sorises let me know how can it be cured

A. Nothing is 100% in medicine, so no one can guarantee you anything. However, provided it's indeed lipoma (a benign tumor, not cancer which is called liposarcoma), then it's not suppose to cause any specific problems after it's removed surgically.

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Q. im looking to become a female for my lover i want to do this i have been wanting to do this all m life? I LOVE TO WARE DRESSES HIGH HELS MAKE UP AND SEXY BED ROOM CLOTHING TO .I HAVE A GRIL FRIEND AND A BOY FRIEND I LOVE THEM BOTH AND WE ALL THINK I SHOULD DO IT ?

A. They did have a question, it was what do we think they should do. I would say that this person needs to seek a professional opinion. Having a sex change is no laughing matter and take a lot of time. They have to first prove to a psychiatrist that this is how they want to live their life. Then they need to live as the gender they plan on changing to for a year.

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Yet even Sheri's free-thinking with regard to her sexuality is couched in a patriarchal discourse which views femaleness and female sexuality as subordinate to the pleasure and purpose of the male.
Lying in bed, I was thinking about how I don't really attach femaleness to organs or anything.
Diana thus finally serves to complete and even certify the nobility of Marcellus's choice at the same time that she demonstrates her own spiritual attunement and capacity, an unusual affirmation of the ability of femaleness to respond appropriately and meaningfully to spiritual imperative and even to supply means that their male counterparts lack.
Stewart focus on female spiritual cults where contact between male participants and a female spirit and/or objects symbolic of femaleness will restore lost fertility to both land and humans; and Gilbert Herdt considers the inclusion of both real women and spiritual female figures in the initiation rituals of the Sambia.
Portia effects this closure because "her" disguise signals the boy acting her part, and allows her to "assign the threat of an obsolete femaleness to the Jew" (133).
Apart from Andrew Breeze's brief allusion to his hypothesis that the Four Branches may be the work of a woman, and Lionarons's chapter on women's work and magic, there is little trace of femaleness in this strikingly masculine volume.
First of all, you're wearing black so it slims you down and you slink around and it's a very forthright kind of femaleness," she said recently.
How she dealt with the foiled terrorist attacks would surely give the media something concrete to comment on beyond her femaleness.
There is much to be said also for her interpretation of its significance: "It is not, as I see it, that maleness and femaleness are necessarily obliterated by what Paul envisages, either now or eschatologically, but rather that they are rendered spiritually insignificant" (140).
If anything, femaleness exacerbates shattered vision, in much the same way--but often to different effect--that foreignness does or being the child of a Holocaust survivor does.
This editorial dismissal of the significance of gender notwithstanding, Daughters of Valor is filled with provocative essays that reckon with questions of Jewishness as well as femaleness, some by authors such as S.