female homosexuality

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fe·male ho·mo·sex·u·al·i·ty

erotic predisposition, or activity, including sexual congress, between two women after the age of puberty.
Sexual preference by women for other women
Medical issues Lesbianism is far less studied medically than male homosexuality. Early studies indicate that lesbians are more often obese, exercise less, smoke more, eat fewer fruits and vegetables, suffer more from anxiety and depression, and are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. The trilogy of alcohol abuse, obesity and poor nutrition increases lesbians’ risk of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancers. Sexually-transmitted infections seen in lesbians include bacterial vaginosis, HPV, trichomonas, and herpes. Syphilis, gonorrhoea, and HIV are relatively uncommon in lesbians
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Since there are no Old Testament Laws prohibiting female homosexuality, why does Paul include it here?
In several of those venues, male and female homosexuality and all pornography are illegal, even possession of such magazines as FHM or Nuts.
It makes sense, though, in light of previous failures to find any older-sibling influences on female homosexuality, they say.
The only differences in the items in the two subscales are the references to lesbians or gay men and to female homosexuality or male homosexuality.
A better way to characterize it might be to say there is something in ``Zumanity'' to turn nearly everybody off - whether it's male or female homosexuality or autoerotic asphyxia.
Weinberg, in their classic study of male and female homosexuality, found that 43 percent of white homosexuals had sex with 500 or more partners, with 28 percent having 1,000 or more sex partners: See A.
Female homosexuality was rarely mentioned nineyears ago in soaps.