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the property of wool by which fibers interlock and form a compact mass.

Patient discussion about felting

Q. how can I know if a lump I felt is breast cancer or just a normal one? Yesterday I felt a lump in my right breast, a small one, is there a way to know if it’s cancerous or not? I don’t want to do a lot of fuss over nothing, you know, spending few days going to sea a gynecologist, doing mammography and all that.

A. Your part in self diagnosis ended when you found a lump. Now it’s the Doctors time to check it up.
Here are couple of sites that might help:

I hope it’s not breast cancer.
Good luck

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Wet felting uses roving, but works by using warm, soapy water and a lot of elbow grease to mat the fibers.
By chance, a television show about felting caught her eye.
There's a soft-sculpture aspect to wet felting that is attractive to Giles, who sells her ruffled scarves in museum gift shops and online at the Artful Home.
Felting has two methods: Needle felting uses a barbed needle that pokes dry wool roving - raw fleece - into place.
A detailed glossary provides not only written definitions, but also drawings depicting the various techniques used in the felting process.
The discovery that felting is a moderately heritable trait opens the door to the selective breeding of sheep with tow-felting wool.
One of the highlights of the 2012 Wonderland Wool festival was a well-attended two-day workshop on shirbori and ripple nuno felting techniques led by Birmingham-based textile designer and maker Emma Jackson of Silversoles.
Knitting Never Felt Better: The Definitive Guide to Fabulous Felting offers a fine guide to the felting process and provides basic felting instructions reviewing the best yarns, techniques for creating three-dimensional objects, stitch patterns, and some 20 projects including step-by-step instructions.