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the property of wool by which fibers interlock and form a compact mass.

Patient discussion about felting

Q. how can I know if a lump I felt is breast cancer or just a normal one? Yesterday I felt a lump in my right breast, a small one, is there a way to know if it’s cancerous or not? I don’t want to do a lot of fuss over nothing, you know, spending few days going to sea a gynecologist, doing mammography and all that.

A. Your part in self diagnosis ended when you found a lump. Now it’s the Doctors time to check it up.
Here are couple of sites that might help:

I hope it’s not breast cancer.
Good luck

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But I would sacrifice it all for felting because it's the ultimate medium.
Nuno felting fuses fabrics such as silk or cotton with wool to make incredibly vibrant pieces.
It was the second year that organisers had held a two-day felting course immediately after the show and both times the courses have been so successful that this year organisers are running two.
What is nice about felting is that it is good for any age group," said Reba Maisel, owner of The Fiber Loft in Harvard, one of several local shops that offer felting classes.
There's a soft-sculpture aspect to wet felting that is attractive to Giles, who sells her ruffled scarves in museum gift shops and online at the Artful Home.
A detailed glossary provides not only written definitions, but also drawings depicting the various techniques used in the felting process.
The discovery that felting is a moderately heritable trait opens the door to the selective breeding of sheep with tow-felting wool.
She owns the Weavers' Cottage in Canyon Country where she teaches weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting, felting and dyeing.
FELTING FASHION: CREATIVE AND INSPIRATIONAL TECHNIQUES FOR FELTMAKERS offers Houghton and others' original works and teaches how to make everything from brooches and hats to jackets and coats.