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On this pale fear seized every one; they were so frightened that their arms dropped from their hands and fell upon the ground at the sound of the goddess' voice, and they fled back to the city for their lives.
Now they gathered round the carcase, now they fell upon it and rent it, fighting horribly till all was finished.
These three fell upon Dejah Thoris as we entered the apartment, and though the lives and training of royal Martians tend not toward vulgar demonstration, I thought that they would suffocate her with their embraces.
As I entered, silence fell upon the great concourse of people that packed the auditorium.
The first person the big black's eyes fell upon as he was hustled into the presence of the Abyssinian officer, was M.
It was this very carefulness which attracted the black's attention to the thing, arousing a natural curiosity in the warrior's mind, and so it chanced that when the Belgian, in the nervousness of overcaution, fumbled the hidden article and dropped it, Mugambi saw it as it fell upon the ground, spilling a portion of its contents on the sward.
Then the young fellow's mother broke through and fell upon him in a tremendous rage, boxing his ears, pulling his hair, and shrieking like a demon.
As per details, the volunteers were engage in relief activities in a village of Kalam as the debris fell upon them and four died and thirteen others injured on the spot.
But the 1935 structure fell upon hard times back in the 1990s and has been boarded up ever since.
FAISALABAD -- Two minor sisters were killed when a heavy iron gate of a local park fell upon them, in the precincts of police station Factory Area.
The cement factory issue fell upon the people of Zahle like a catastrophe, due to all the side effects it has at the health, environment and economic levels," said MP Joseph Bou Khater, Head of the Bloc, in response to the State Shoura Council's decision to approve the factory establishment.
Jakarta, Jumada I 14, 1435, March 15, 2014, SPA -- Artificial rain fell upon the provincial capital of Riau on Indonesia's Sumatra island Saturday after several weeks of smog pollution from nearby forest and bush fires, dpa quoted an official as saying.