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n the compensation for services rendered or to be rendered; payment for professional services.
fee, customary,
n a fee is customary if it is in the range of the usual fees charged by dental professionals of similar training and experience for the same service within the specific and limited geographic area (i.e., the socioeconomic area of a metropolitan area or of a county).
fee-for-service plan,
n a plan providing for payment to the dental professional for each service performed rather than on the basis of salary or capitation fee.
fee, reasonable,
n a fee is considered reasonable if, in the opinion of a responsible dental association's review committee, it is the usual and customary fee charged for services rendered, considering the special circumstances of the case in question.
fee schedule,
n 1. a list of maximum dollar allowances for dental procedures that apply under a specific contract.
2. a list of the charges established or agreed to by a dental professional for specific dental services.
fee, usual,
n the fee customarily charged for a given service by an individual dental professional to a private patient.
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In this case, the leased fee estate represents about 94% of the fee simple value and has a discount rate of 11.
Does Walmart or Kmart, or some other tenant constitute the market tenant for determining market rent for fee simple appraising?
The authors' approach becomes clear when rent shortfalls are addressed for what they are: negative cash flow to the fee simple estate.
In this case the leased fee estate represents about 94% of the fee simple value and has a discount rate of 11.
Assume an equity club holds the fee simple interest in the real property (i.
Any value above the value of the fee simple interest in the real property is by definition a nonrealty interest and is made up of either personal property or intangible property.
Vast has successfully completed the first phase of its earning agreement with Devon on the large fee simple land block it holds in SW Saskatchewan.
UBS Realty Investors purchased the 100% fee simple interest in the property.
NYSE:TRZ) today announced the acquisition of the 100 percent fee simple interest in Figueroa at Wilshire, a 1,039,000-square-foot office property located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Los Angeles, for $356.
The purchase price of $20 million is a fee simple sale, with 100% of the rights transferred to the buyer.
Upon failure of the Purchaser to make said payment, the Company exercised its right of recovery and reacquired fee simple title to the real property and facilities at 2000 North Miami Avenue.
She has conceived, structured and negotiated virtually every form of deal including ground leases, air rights acquisition and disposition, net and gross leases, government incentive packages and a range of equity transfers from partnership and condominium interests through fee simple sales.