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n the compensation for services rendered or to be rendered; payment for professional services.
fee, customary,
n a fee is customary if it is in the range of the usual fees charged by dental professionals of similar training and experience for the same service within the specific and limited geographic area (i.e., the socioeconomic area of a metropolitan area or of a county).
fee-for-service plan,
n a plan providing for payment to the dental professional for each service performed rather than on the basis of salary or capitation fee.
fee, reasonable,
n a fee is considered reasonable if, in the opinion of a responsible dental association's review committee, it is the usual and customary fee charged for services rendered, considering the special circumstances of the case in question.
fee schedule,
n 1. a list of maximum dollar allowances for dental procedures that apply under a specific contract.
2. a list of the charges established or agreed to by a dental professional for specific dental services.
fee, usual,
n the fee customarily charged for a given service by an individual dental professional to a private patient.
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Weyl, and so fundamentally, they too are critics of the fee simple.
In this form of agreement, modifications also occur in the rights associated with Aboriginal title as conceptualized by the common law, (59) so as to allow for the alienation of fee simple estates to third parties without an initial surrender to or consent of the Crown.
The lack of protection for purchasers of charges stands in contrast to the security that purchasers of fee simple interests enjoy.
In a proper market value appraisal of a fee simple estate in a property leased above market (such as in some ad valorem cases), excess rent is never addressed because the property must be appraised as unencumbered.
There are plenty of comparable properties at market rents, so you are comfortable estimating the fee simple value as a starting point.
A recent lease often is the best indicator of market participant actions and fee simple value.
The fee simple valuation, by definition, demands that we throw out the lease.
The trial court denied the injunction, finding that the deed conveyed the property in fee simple without any reference to a use restriction.
The 569-room hotel is situated on nine acres of fee simple real estate at the prime intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards.
7-acre fee simple parcel, in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, for an undisclosed price, and has acquired the development rights to an adjacent 22-acre vacant parcel, with the right to purchase the parcel in fee.
Also, the sales comparison approach is most applicable in understanding the fee simple interest of owner-occupied properties whereas, for leased buildings, it tends to be considered a secondary methodology for estimating market value.
Fisher, PhD, present a technique for valuing a leased fee interest that adjusts the fee simple estate for income detriment or benefit associated with below-market rent, below-market occupancy and above-market rent.