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n the compensation for services rendered or to be rendered; payment for professional services.
fee, customary,
n a fee is customary if it is in the range of the usual fees charged by dental professionals of similar training and experience for the same service within the specific and limited geographic area (i.e., the socioeconomic area of a metropolitan area or of a county).
fee-for-service plan,
n a plan providing for payment to the dental professional for each service performed rather than on the basis of salary or capitation fee.
fee, reasonable,
n a fee is considered reasonable if, in the opinion of a responsible dental association's review committee, it is the usual and customary fee charged for services rendered, considering the special circumstances of the case in question.
fee schedule,
n 1. a list of maximum dollar allowances for dental procedures that apply under a specific contract.
2. a list of the charges established or agreed to by a dental professional for specific dental services.
fee, usual,
n the fee customarily charged for a given service by an individual dental professional to a private patient.
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Fee Real Estate agent from the Scarsdale office, connected the firm with the church via relatives from Texas.
But Democrats who now control Congress say they worry that the new fees will make applying for citizenship and other benefits prohibitive for most immigrants.
This category encompasses claims that fall outside sections 62(a)(20) and 104(a)(2) but under either fee-shifting statutes, where the court awards legal fees directly to counsel, or "qualified settlement funds" covered by Treasury regulations section 1.
In the DoD response dated December 12, 2005, the Department generally concurred with the recommendations in the report and agreed to issue a policy memo by March 31,2006, to (1) address desired outcomes and the role the award fee should play in the overall acquisition strategy; (2) remind the acquisition workforce to follow existing policies; (3) provide guidance to the acquisition workforce on "rollover"; and (4) develop a communication plan to share proven incentive strategies across the entire DoD acquisition workforce.
Even when a market has been created and can consume all the tires, we are now saying a fee is still necessary," though he suggests that states that have successfully abated former stockpiles might consider reducing their fees on new tires.
There's nothing wrong with a nominal fee to help pay costs and to convey the significance of entering the United States.
An automated teller machine operator that imposes a fee on a consumer for initiating an electronic fund transfer or a balance inquiry shall:
Currently, aircraft ranging from 21,000 kilograms to 45,000 kilograms are charged a landing fee of $5.
According to Larson, the BLM levies fees only at sites with service-oriented facilities, like campgrounds.
For example, with a $150,000 entry fee the refund of which declines at 1.
But if student life will remain "vibrant" regardless of whether fees are yanked from political groups, the fears of the pro-fee forces are well-grounded on another level.
A congressional audit now reports that fees to cover the costs of processing U.