feather edge

feath·er edge

(fedh'ĕr ej)
The thinnest area of a blood smear, where the differential count is performed.
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First things first, if your fencing isn't up to scratch, as MDL Timber stocks and manufactures a range of top-quality fencing panels to suit all styles and budgets, There's a great range to choose from, including heavy duty feather edge panels, and, if you can't find what you're looking for, panels can be made specifically to order.
The paceman returned in his next over to dismiss the dangerous Brendon McCullum (23), who got a feather edge to wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni behind the stumps.
This new surfacer is not only fast and easy to spray, it also provides good absorption of overspray and exceptional feather edge capabilities, enabling technicians to achieve optimal final results.
Red Cedar' colours just don't do it for me, so I chose a grey-green for the feather edge boards near the house, and a dark 'forest green' for the rear fence.
Macroscopically, the smear should exhibit a gradual transition from thick to thin, ending with an acceptable feather edge free of streaks, waves, or holes.
Katich, limping with an Achilles injury, soldiered on for his 43 until a feather edge landed in Matt Prior's gloves, while Ponting's miserable series so far ended with Paul Collingwood catching his edge for just nine to go with the golden duck in his 150th Test.
Feather edge burrs, often only visible through a microscope, are removed.
The eaves come to a feather edge with a concealed gutter as the soffit line breaks rather crudely across the screen lines.
Breeze block construction, London brick entrance, pillars, feather edge wood clad to remaining garden shed
Kaimiro-19 is an extended sub-horizontal intersection of the updip feather edge of the Goldie reservoir, completed inappropriately in order to maximize short term production to Greymouth.
The Williamsburg Products Program and Lenox have paired up again, this time on the introduction of a stainless-steel flatware pattern called Feather Edge.
It can be worked to a feather edge so that plies can be overlapped easily.