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the unpleasant emotional state consisting of psychological and psychophysiological responses to a real external threat or danger. See also anxiety. Fear is a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, who defined it as a response to a perceived threat that is consciously recognized as a danger. Causative factors may include separation from one's support system in a potentially threatening situation such as hospitalization, diagnostic test, or treatment; knowledge deficit or unfamiliarity; language barrier; sensory impairment; and phobic stimulus or phobia.

Persons experiencing fear may verbalize increased tension, apprehension, diminished self-assurance, panic, or a jittery feeling. Objective signs include increased alertness; concentration on the source of fear; attack and fight-or-flight behaviors; and evidence of sympathetic nerve stimulation such as cardiovascular excitation, superficial vasoconstriction, and dilation of the pupils. Interventions are aimed at helping the individual to identify effective and ineffective coping behaviors, promote effective coping strategies, and maintain psychological equilibrium.


Apprehension; dread; alarm; by having an identifiable stimulus, fear is differentiated from anxiety which has no easily identifiable stimulus.
[A.S. faer]


(fēr) the unpleasant emotional state consisting of psychological and psychophysiological responses to a real external threat or danger, including agitation, alertness, tension, and mobilization of the alarm reaction.


Apprehension; dread; alarm; by having an identifiable stimulus, fear is differentiated from anxiety, which has no easily identifiable stimulus.
[A.S. faer]


The response to a real or imagined perception of danger. An abnormal degree of fear, or a fear inappropriate to its cause is called a phobia. Fear is accompanied by physical symptoms such as rapid heart action, muscle tension especially in the abdomen, dryness of the throat and sweating. These symptoms are mainly caused by ADRENALINE. It is believed that separate nuclei in the amygdala mediate different aspects of fear-conditioned behaviour.


Apprehension; dread; alarm; by having an identifiable stimulus.
[A.S. faer]


n an emotion, generally considered negative and unpleasant, that is a reaction to a real or threatened danger; fright. Fear is distinguished from anxiety, which is a reaction to an unreal or imagined danger.


a normal emotional response to consciously recognized external sources of danger such as those often associated with loud noises, threatening gestures, strange people and thunderstorms; it is manifested in animals by flight, by attack or by cringing.

Patient discussion about fear

Q. am sexy yet fear ladies

A. you are not very descriptive but from what i understand you have a very common problem and the best solution is going to therapy. a psychologist will diagnose you, see where the fear is coming from and help you getting over it. good luck!

Q. I fear whether this could affect my fetus too? hi everyone …..My growing confusion for the pregnancy is being messed up with the infection of Lyme, I feel my hands not in order with pain in joints and it was there before pregnancy but I did not pay attention and I am now in the first trimester and this Lyme infection is adding fuel to the fire. I fear whether this could affect my fetus too. I discussed with the doctor but didn’t get valuable input and I have been asked to wait for some more time. She didn’t refer me to the specialist also. This is causing me great concern/…………..I feel depressed………..

A. Hey…be cool….nothing like that…..It seems your ignorance has taken the form of depression, but just to make it clear, I too was infected with Lyme in my 2 nd pregnancy and my son is now learning guitar from his dad. I too had same doubt 6 years before and it all ruined down and I am pregnant again. I just followed my Gynecologist advice and didn’t doubt her. I am not a qualified professional to talk about the problem in detail but a women having had that trouble but had healthy pregnancy without any problem.

Q. i have fear from hightes ... is there any way how to treat it and make it go a way or at least help me a bit

A. Yes. It's possible to treat it, usually through sessions with a psychologist in the form of behavioral therapy or psychotherapist. It should be done by a professional, of course.

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