fatigue strength

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fa·tigue strength

the stress level below which a particular component will survive an indefinite number of load cycles (typically about 50% of the ultimate strength of the component).
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Data of fatigue tests have shown that after nitriding by different temperatures (550[degrees]C, 630[degrees]C and 700[degrees]C) with duration of nitriding time 3 hours, fatigue strength of C45 steel varies widely.
From this study, the fatigue strength of both nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 welded at 0.
Deposition of wear resistant chromium plating causes decrease in the fatigue strength of the base material though chromium coating had excellent corrosion resistance.
Quantitative evaluation of effects of non-metallic inclusions on fatigue strength of high strength steels.
The life span and fatigue strength of a metallic substance can upgrade surprisingly after LSP as a result of the occurrence of compressive residual stresses in the substance [7, 9].
Moreover, a difference of about 100MPa can be observed between the fatigue strength ([N.
For metallic materials, theories based on fatigue strength, usually represented by stress versus number of cycles curves (S-N curves), are widely spread and have been implemented successfully in software tools for fatigue-life prediction.
The braces reduce weight and retain torsional stiffness versus the production aluminum versions while also increasing flexural stiffness for improved structural integrity and long-term fatigue strength.
The company says today, more than ever size and strength are major factors in component design and engineering steels from Ovako facilitate the production of stronger, lighter, more efficient and compact components, also with its increased fatigue strength BQ-Steel offers outstanding high performance characteristics for all types of applications.
Stainless steels are selected for their corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, toughness, and surgical implant suitability.