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Tiring on very slight exertion.
[L. fatigabilis, easily tired, fr. fatigo, to tire]


Subject to fatigue.

fat′i·ga·bil′i·ty n.
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Chronic SCI triggers a transformation from slow, fatigue-resistant muscle to fast, fatigable muscle in humans [14-17] and rats [18].
The shift to fast-twitch MHC after stroke in contralateral leg muscle would be expected to result in a more fatigable muscle fiber type that could be more insulin resistant.
The typical fiber type transformation that occurs soon after SCI is an increased proportion of the highly fatigable type IIx fiber, with a corresponding reduction in the type IIa and possibly type I fiber types [35-36].
Specifically, a deficit severity-dependent shift toward a fast-twitch muscle molecular phenotype in the paretic leg results in a more fatigable muscle fiber type that is more insulin resistant, which may contribute to the high incidence of IGT in this population [31-33].