fatal outcome

fatal outcome,

n a consequence that results in death. The course of a disease that results in the death of the patient.
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The results seem to say poor muscle strength predisposes you to a fatal outcome with other conditions too.
Despite the near- fatal outcome of their misdemeanours in the first film, Khalu and Babban are far from reformed.
A prompt diagnosis and subsequent treatment is imperative to avoid a fatal outcome.
In the first phase, fever, fatigue, malaise, headache, and arthralgia occur; in the second phase, neurologic signs develop, and the clinical spectrum ranges from mild meningitis to severe encephalitis, myelitis, and polyradiculitis, sometimes with a fatal outcome (1).
On the other hand, those with insidious onset, without pain, usually go unnoticed and eventually progress to a fatal outcome.
He says the attack on Dogan is a grave failure of security officers and a fatal outcome had been prevented only because Enimehmedov did not have a true murder weapon.
Mr Grieve said: "The families have been given important new evidence but that is necessarily incomplete - only new inquests can give a fuller answer as to whether intervention would have altered the tragically fatal outcome.
It may result in irreversible damage of the bowel and a fatal outcome.
Sufferers of COPD experience severe shortness of breath and can often have a fatal outcome.
The judge ruled that it was her decision to stand in front of the bulldozer and the fatal outcome was her sole responsibility.
Because it has an un-known etiology, is progressive in nature, and has a fatal outcome, it is important that clinicians develop interventions to improve the functional status and well being of veterans with IPF.
For the need of this model, traffic accidents are classified by its consequences to: property damage accidents (PDO), traffic accidents with (slight) injured (SLI), traffic accidents with seriously injured (SEI) and traffic accidents with fatal outcome (FATAL).