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Making its debut here next month at the Gourmet Products Show, Fata Morgana has been in the European retail market for nearly a year and is "doing very well," according to Vera Bevini, senior vice president for Saeco USA.
In a land of detritus, wreckage and fire that strongly pre-figures the apocalyptic mise en scene of Lessons Of Darkness, Fata Morgana offers an increasingly despairing and disillusioned view of mankind as corrupter and polluter of an almost primeval landscape, set in poignant and marked relief only by the native people who wander aimlessly, as though lost, amid the technological flotsam and jetsam that has turned their (our) land into a graveyard.
It was the ne plus ultra plant of its time, when visions of "automatic factories" were the Fata Morgana of automotive executives: Robots would do the heavy lifting, the complex tasks, and practically everything else.
Its modern attractions include the disorientating Villa Volta, the hugely-popular fantasy Dream Flight and Fata Morgana, a mystical boat trip through the Orient similar to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.
The polka-mazurka Fata Morgana of 1869 is one work that has appeared as a single number in both the old (ser.
In several pieces included in Fata Morgana, West argues that Celati maps a fictional world to destabilize Western customs, beliefs, and practices.
offers Showwinner, a hybrid tulip of red with yellow and violet; Greigii tulips Pinocchio, which are red edged in white with a yellow interior, and Quebec, a red bloom with yellow touches; giant Darwin hybrid tulip World's Favourite, a huge tomato-red flower with a yellow stripe; bi-color trumpet daffodil Ablon, which is yellow andwhite with an apricot edge; double narcissus Golden Ducat in graduated shades of yellow; Fondante, a pale pink hyacinth; and Asiatic lilies, including double pink-petaled Aphrodite, melon yellow Fata Morgana, creamy white Lenox, and canary yellow Novo Cento.
Especially intriguing for their thrust are Kuyper's early social critique ("Uniformity: The Curse of Modern Life"), which shows a surprisingly Romantic side of Kuyper; his brilliant "Modernism: A Fata Morgana in the Christian Domain" (which could serve as a prophylactic against the seduction of neolatry); "Common Grace" and "Common Grace in Science" (for Kuyper's own formulations of his distinctive contribution to neo-Reformed systemics); and "Evolution," which both skewers naturalism more than some would expect while also respecting organic development more than often anticipated.
CCS technology on the other hand is nothing but a fata morgana, technically feasible on a larger scale not before 2020.
We were also able to present the first fruits of our cooperation with the West-Eastern Divan; for example, the translation of Martin Walser's novel "Ein liebender Mann" (A Loving Man) and the book, "Alexandria Fata Morgana," by Joachim Sartorius.