fat substitutes

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fat sub·sti·tutes

(fat sŭb'sti-tūts)
Substances that have some of the same properties as fat but are not recognized by the body as such and are thereby not absorbed.
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Fat substitutes can interfere with that relationship when the body expects to receive a large burst of calories but is fooled by a fat substitute.
Salty snack foods, confections and bakery products represent the fastest growing markets for the sugar and fat substitutes industry overall, based on the development of new heat stable artificial sweeteners (acesulfame-K and sucralose) and a fryable fat replacer (olestra).
Just what the world needs--another fat substitute that can cause nausea and cramps.
Called Oatrim because it is made from oat flour, the product offers the additional advantage that it contains soluble fiber, rather than simply being a fat substitute.
The problem lies not so much in the effects of the fat substitutes on flavor as in the absence of fat.
One of the hottest trends of 1992 was the growing use of fruit purees in place of synthetic fat substitutes in nonfat Baked Goods.
Washington, June 21 (ANI): A new study has revealed that foods made with fat substitutes do not help with weight loss.
To meet these needs Ulrick & Short has responded to the growing issues of fat substitutes by exclusively developing and manufacturing a fat replacer, Delyte a highly functional clean label ingredient.
Nutrim is also more cost-effective for ingredient makers and processors who use oat-based fat substitutes in their products; it costs about half as much as alternative ingredients.
Inglett has worked on fat substitutes for the last decade.
The study indicates that consumers may realize a previously unrecognized benefit from eating products containing fat substitutes," he explains.
Lighter Bake, prune puree and applesauce are all decent fat substitutes, especially for people who love to bake but need to cut back on fat for health reasons.