fat soluble vitamins

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fat soluble vitamins,

n.pl a variety of organic substances essential to human health and nutrition that dissolve in fat. Require fat for absorption and is metabolized with fat in the body. High doses of fat soluble vitamins are potentially toxic and should be avoided. Includes vitamins A, D, E, and others.
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Regarding other fat soluble vitamins, vitamin E injection of 300 IU to neonatal pigs has been demonstrated to increase plasma [alpha]-tocopherol levels on 1 d after injection (Hill et al.
It's loaded with fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K," he said.
Anytime a diet promotes vegetarianism, the individual has to be extra vigilant on consuming enough protein and fat soluble vitamins, specifically B12.
Since fat soluble vitamins aren't absorbed, a user may suffer diarrhoea and other GI tract issues," says Dr MP Sharma, internal medicine specialist, Rockland hospital.
Quality sources of dietary fats transport the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K -- all of which are vital to proper calcium absorption.
Functional Ingredients, Ti02, Phosphates, Mineral Salts, Stearates, Zinc Oxide, Beta Carotene and Fat Soluble Vitamins.
Some fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin E, are found in the fatty membranes of cells where they protect the cells' integrity.
Fat provides energy for body processes, assists in maintaining an excellent skin and hair coat, helps in transporting fat soluble vitamins, and is important for palatability.
Therefore patients are advised to take a daily supplement that contains fat soluble vitamins and beta-carotene.
Fat is important in our diet for a number of reasons: it provides us with energy (nine calories per 1g of fat): it helps to keep us warm; it protects our vital organs; and it carries fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
A method for increasing intestinal absorption of fat soluble vitamins in post-menopausal women was patented today by Hill's Pet Nutrition (Topeka, Kansas) Kansas State Research Foundation (Manhattan, Kansas) and Lonza Ltd.
The body can not excrete fat soluble vitamins in the urine and they can accumulate.