fat pad

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(fat'pad), [TA]
An accumulation of somewhat encapsulated adipose tissue.
Synonym(s): corpus adiposum [TA], fat body

fat pad

a mass of closely packed fat cells surrounded by fibrous tissue septa. Fat pads may be generously supplied with capillaries and nerve endings. Intraarticular fat pads are also covered by a layer of synovial cells. An example is the buccal pad of fat seen in nursing babies.
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FAT PAD: prolapse of orbital fat pad at the lateral canthus of the eye

fat pad

1. Sucking pad.
Enlarge picture
FAT PAD: prolapse of orbital fat pad at the lateral canthus of the eye
2. A layer of adipose tissue (usually capsulated) that protects structures from direct impact. Fat pads are found in various locations in the body: beneath the patellar tendon; under the calcaneus; or behind the elbow. See: illustration
See also: pad


a cushion-like mass of soft material which may be (1) anatomical; (2) surgical.

abdominal pad
a pad for the absorption of discharges from abdominal wounds, or for packing off abdominal viscera to improve exposure during surgery.
communal pad
metacarpal pad.
fat pad
a pad of fat lying within a joint, covered with synovial membrane and thought to assist in the spreading of synovial lubricant, e.g. infrapatellar fat pad of stifle joint.
foot p's
see footpad.
Mikulicz's pad
a pad made of folded gauze, for packing off viscera in surgical procedures.
pressure pad
in surgery, gauze sponges used to apply pressure in the control of minor hemorrhage.
stripped pad
avulsion of the pad with exposure of the dermis. A common injury in Greyhounds which have raced on asphalt or been over-exercised on a walking machine with a rough belt.
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The ischiorectal fat pad also allows for dilation of the vagina during parturition when the foetal head virtually eliminates the space.