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1. A colloquial term for a clinic in which patients seeking care for nonacute conditions in the emergency department are triaged for medical or surgical attention; an urgent-care clinic affiliated with an emergency department.

Patient care

Fast-tracks are used by hospitals to limit overcrowding in emergency departments and reduce patients' waiting times. Patients with upper respiratory illnesses and minor trauma are commonly referred to fast-tracks, which permits emergency departments to focus on the critically or acutely ill.

2. A colloquial term for a more rapid evaluation and approval of a new or investigational agent than is allowed for most other new drugs.
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For more updated and detailed information about the Fast-Track Contests, please visit http://www.
We are always listening to our customers to identify ways of enhancing our services, and the introduction of Fast-Track is a perfect example of this innovation at work.
The Wyden-Hatch fast-track bill also requires that the draft treaty, which the administration has kept under wraps, be available for public inspection before Congress votes the agreement up or down.
Setting up fast-track courts is the responsibility of the state governments which is done in consultation with the concerned High Courts while the finance is provided by the federal finance ministry.
Congress has extended fast-track authority a number of times and some residual fast-track authority to build on existing agreements is still in place, but the last grant of fast track was made in 2002.
Part II will explain the history of fast-track sentencing, from its origins in the mid-1990s to its authorization by Congress and the status of these programs today, concluding with a brief discussion of fast-track case law prior to Kimbrough.
And then, there are extreme conditions and extenuating circumstances such as the need to fast-track office space for companies displaced by the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks Generally, the decision to fasttrack a corporate interiors project is, unlike retail fast-tracking, not economically-driven.
This is clearly no Longer the case, as evidenced by certificate, fast-track, and online learning programs, especially.
People find them very divisive - existing teachers feel unhappy about putting someone on a fast-track programme before they have even set foot in a classroom.
Many congressional Democrats are demanding that labor and environmental protections be included in fast-track authority as negotiating goals.
Of course, abandoning fast-track would allow the anti-trade forces to claim a victory, albeit one with virtually no practical value.