fast spin-echo

fast spin-echo (FSE)

a magnetic resonance imaging technique that uses multiple spin-echoes to reduce imaging times in comparison to spin-echo imaging. See also spin-echo.
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Static-fluid MR urograms technique was deployed, obtained with single-shot fast spin-echo techniques in 1-2 seconds.
MRI of the brain was performed using spin-echo and fast spin-echo pulse sequences.
MR cisternography is performed using a three-dimensional thin-section heavily T2-weighted image fast spin-echo sequence or steady-state gradient-echo sequence (Constructive Interference in Steady State or Fast Imaging Employing Steady State Acquisition).
Kijowski, "Evaluation of the articular cartilage of the knee joint using an isotropic resolution 3D fast spin-echo sequence with conventional and radial reformatted images," American Journal of Roentgenology, vol.
Total imaging time was 25 minutes and images obtained were: Sagittal and Axial T2-weighted fast spin-echo images; Axial T1-weighted spin-echo images; Axial T2-weighted spin-echo images through any lesion images with the addition of frequency-selective fat suppression; and Coronal T2-weighted fast spin-echo images.
MR imaging of hemorrhagic brain lesions: a comparison of dual-echo gradient-and spin-echo and fast spin-echo techniques.
These techniques can be used to decrease imaging time in both fast spin-echo and gradient-echo imaging, and are best thought of in the framework of those sequences rather than in isolation.
For T2-weighted fast spin-echo sequences, the following parameters were applied: repetition time/echo time = 5100/102 ms, turbo factor = 19, matrix = 512 x 408, field of view = 18 cm, slice thickness = 5 mm, and scan time = 2 minutes.
Thin-slice views, special oblique views, and a fast spin-echo technique didn't improve either the sensitivity or specificity compared with conventional techniques or views, nor did decreasing the time interval from injury to imaging.
Axial slices were performed using single-shot fast spin-echo (SSFSE) sequences; parameters: 90 TE.
Diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI scans were carried out on a 3T scanner using a radial fast spin-echo method.
Diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI scans were carried out on a 3-T scanner using a radial fast spin-echo method.