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Most notably, Epson s TM-S9000 and TM-S2000 multifunction teller devices offer all of the advanced features financial institutions need for teller capture, including fast scanning speed, extraordinary MICR accuracy, cashier check and endorsement printing, two-sided ID scanning and more.
Selected for its precision and productivity, the all-in-one ScanStation solution boasts blazing fast scanning speeds, in color and monochrome, with unmatched image quality.
The Fujitsu fi-6400 provides fast scanning speeds of 100 ppm / 200 ipm at 200 or 300 dpi (color, grayscale, monochrome),.
The MRI's high quality 3D imaging and fast scanning rate means around 7,000 North East patients a year will be diagnosed and treated much quicker.
Breakthrough innovations in the design of the FastScan Bio system have resulted in a fast scanning AFM that allows temporal investigation under physiological operating environments in fluid while exceeding the diffraction limits of optical microscopy.
Emphasising lightweight, yet powerful design coupled with fast scanning speed has always been our top priority," he added.
A new hot-runner temperature controller for 2 to 128 zones boasts very fast scanning and fuzzy logic for accuracy to 0.
3) FAST scanning is a portable sonographic technique performed by surgeons and ED doctors to screen for significant haemoperitoneum or pericardial tamponade after trauma.
The instrument operates in pulse-echo mode, and synchronises with the scanning arm for fast scanning rates.
Features include better probability of detection, fast scanning speed of four inches or greater/second, weld to weld inspections in less than four minutes, no radiation hazards, real-time analysis, all digital data archiving and retrieval and built-in GPS system for weld tracking.
It also is said to provide fast scanning, and ensures 100% ion transport efficiency and fragment efficiency, meaning that maximum ion transfer from the interface to the detector in MS/MS mode is guaranteed, according to the company.
User-friendliness - intuitive colour LCD pressure-sensitive touch screen, fast scanning and data processing