fast green

fast green,

n a green dye used to reveal plaque deposits on teeth; consists of F. D. & C. Green No. 3 in concentrations of either 5% or 2.5%.
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BEDWORTH postman Roger Taylor finally delivered as he won the Coventry Saturday Merit title in brilliant style on a dry, fast green at The Lime Tree.
The best result came from a blend of dyes-including Fast Green, a food dye used in canned vegetables, jellies and sauces and Rose Bengal, used in diagnostic eye drops to stain damaged cells and identify eye injuries-that together boosted the efficiency of zinc oxide solar cells by nearly eight percent.
The committee agreed to move allura red AC (300 mg/kg); caramel color, class IV (20,000 mg/kg); carotenoids (300 mg/kg); chlorophylls, copper complexes (500 mg/kg); erythrosine (300 mg/kg); fast green FCF (600 mg/kg); grape skin extracts (500 mg/kg); in-digotine (300 mg/kg); and iron oxides (7500 mg/kg) forward for the Codex General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA), which sets conditions for permitted food additives to be used in all foods.
Current Fast dealers will continue to have access to the Fast green and yellow "Fast" branded sprayers.
Changes in the basic proteins associated with DNA during spermiogenesis were identified with alkaline fast green staining after DNA extraction with trichloroacetic acid and by cytochemical tests for arginine.
The home team, playing at Paddock C&B, played well on a very fast green with great wins by Julie Best (Marsh Utd) 21-7, Karen Gant (Meltham) 21-5, captain Linda Gledhill (New Mill) 21-7 and homester Fern Beaumont (Paddock C&B), captain of the Junior Away team, who won 21-10.
The club's maintenance team worked hard to prepare the Montgomerie championship course for the two events over the Masters weekend, delivering extra fast green speeds to create a real championship feel to the course.
The lightning fast green conditions at Baddesley Colliery made life difficult for the away players especially but a determined Coventry rearguard action, backed by loud, vociferous support, pulled things around.
The home team, playing at Paddock C&BC, battled against howling winds on a very fast green to win by 58 points, but the away team fell prey to a very difficult green at Ye Old Knowle, losing by 88 points.
But the weather failed to upset the Coventry girls on their return to Glossop BC as the sun shone and the dry, fast green was more than compatible to the visitors, despite losing the away leg by a mere 13 shots (224-211).
The week-long Penylan Festival of Bowls came to a successful and exciting climax at the weekend with the finals of the singles and pairs competitions in glorious weather on a lightning fast green.

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