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Relating to a fasciculus; arranged in the form of a bundle or collection of rods.


(fə-sĭk′yə-lĭt) also


Arranged in or formed of fascicles; fascicular.

fas·cic′u·late·ly adv.
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6,11] The endocrinological data of myelolipoma associated with Cushing syndrome showed increased cortisol and suppressed ACTH; the histological study showed fusion of myelolipoma elements and hyperplasia of zona fasciculate (Fig.
Figure 3a shows that SFs exhibit a fasciculate structure before steam explosion; there are many fiber cells closely combined together, plenty of impurity particles adhering to them, and the width of the fiber bundles is large.
It should be noted that, in some genera, the flowery shoots have an inflorescence that has been described (Townsend, 1993) as solitary or clustered axillary spikes (Nothosaerva Wight); solitary or fasciculate (Alternanthera); with very small hermaphrodite flowers, in few axillary flowered sessile clusters or in dichasia (Tidestromia Standley, Sanchez-del Pino & Flores Olivera, 2006); with hermaphrodite flowers, either solitary or paired in the axils of upper leaves (Polyrhabda).
Palaeozoic bioclaustrations are hitherto unknown in cateniform, fasciculate, and auloporoid tabulate corals (Tapanila 2005).
5 cm stem solely covered by disintegrated old fragments of the leaf sheaths; Leaves fasciculate, persistent and concentrated in the distal portion of the stem, apparently monomorphic except for the shortly triangular, spinose, paleaceous reduced leaves of the renovation shoots; sheaths narrowly oblong-ovate, ca.