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(fash'ē-ăl), Do not confuse this word with facial or faucial.
Relating to any fascia.

fasciae, fascial

See fascia.


Relating to any fascia.


(fash'ē-ăl) Do not confuse this word with facial or faucial.
Relating to any fascia.


adj relating to the fascial.
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When a person bends forward the nerve stretches and should normally easily slide through the tunnel, but if the nerve is swollen, it gets caught in the fascial opening and adhesion (CCI), causing stripping and bunching of the myelin sheath with nerve tissue.
The spermatic cord mobilized with its fascial layers intact and supported with a Penrose drain.
With regard to the musculoskeletal system and the word "fascia," the medical community may be more familiar with terms such as the plantar fascia, tensor fascia lata, and the deep fascial compartments of the lower limb.
In the initial treatment I released the sacral torsion and fascial tension of the respiratory diaphragm which radiated anteriorly into her neck.
It has long been believed that vaginal birth trauma contributes to the likelihood of symptomatic prolapse occurring, yet there was never any proof as to how and when the stress of vaginal birth causes pubocervical fascial injury.
As a form of punctuation, it allows the reader to contract: around the urethral tissue, the fascial plane of the bladder's rich meat.
Fascial stretch therapy (FST) is sometimes called "fascial tissue stretching" or "myofascial release," and there are variations, such as fascia] training, which aim to exert these tissues with specific exercises to increase their elasticity, but all of the warm-up techniques under the main concept of FST are focused on the fascia, and the procedures can differ significantly from traditional static stretching.
A Valsalva maneuver as well as a watertight fascial closure was performed.
Other chapters cover computer planning and intraoperative navigation, robotic surgery, endoscopic approaches to the skull base, image guidance for sinus tumors, head and neck fascial spaces, foreign bodies, and sleep-related breathing disorders.
Herniation of a muscle through an overlying fascial defect, such as a loosening or tearing, is most frequently reported in athletes or individuals with occupations causing excessive strain on the legs.
Stenosis at the skin level can be managed by dilating the stoma opening, usually by inserting a lubricated digit down to the fascial layer for several minutes.