far infrared

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far in·fra·red

(fahr in'fră-red)
Portion of light spectrum between 1500 and 12,500 nm.
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His research has involved the utilization of nonlinear far infrared radiation by biological systems and its applications to insect control and medicine.
ArchBrook Laguna will offer Therasage's complete line of massage beds, healing pads, healing belts, far infrared saunas, Far Infra Clothing, product accessories and TheraDesign healthy Furniture Collection with Far Infra heat.
One of their major areas of focus has been pioneering rare earth mineral bases non-thermal FAR Infrared production.
The Eco-fabric contains nano-particle of bamboo charcoal, are naturally deodorizing, antibacterial and emits far infrared energy.
With its huge light-collection capability and set of sophisticated detectors cooled to the vicinity of absolute zero by over 2000 liters of superfluid helium, Herschel will look at the faintest and farthest infrared sources and peer into the as-yet uncharted far infrared and submillimetric parts of the spectrum.
Using images obtained from two far infrared cameras in the lower section of the front bumper to detect heat-emitting objects and determine whether they are in or approaching the vehicle's path.
New sky maps that paint a broad-brush portrait of the cosmos in the far infrared provide graphic proof of that astronomical adage.
Available Exclusively at futureperfect Total Body Management Centers, Therapy Utilizes Far Infrared (FIR) Emissions to Help Women Lose Weight
Matthew Ryncarz, creator and founder of Fusion IONZ, announced that they have filed for a patent in relation to their non thermal FAR Infrared technology to be used in all types of apparel
The residential saunas employ far infrared therapy that penetrates deeply into joints, muscles and tissues, providing a variety of health benefits, including weight loss, detoxification, help with blood sugar regulation, mood elevation, pain management, skin purification and stress management.
Astronomers have long suspected that individual galaxies are responsible for a diffuse glow of long-wavelength infrared light, called the far infrared background, that was detected by NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer satellite in the 1990s.
Noting that astronomers aren't sure what galaxies look like in the far infrared, the longest infrared wavelengths, Kessler says the ISO observations highlight "the unexplored nature of this part of the electromagnetic spectrum.