family structure

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the components and their manner of arrangement in constituting a whole.
family structure the way in which a family is organized according to roles, rules, power, and hierarchies.

family structure

the composition and membership of the family and the organization and patterning of relationships among individual family members. In planning health care for a family member or the entire family, an awareness of that family's structure may be important.
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What role did family structure play in the increases in wealth up to 2004?
An increase of one standard deviation in the level of maternal schooling increases the likelihood of graduating from college by 14 percentage points, nearly three times as much as the corresponding effect for single-parent family structure (5 percentage points).
In addition to the greater economic hardship experienced by single-parent families, research from Canada suggests that single mothers experience higher prevalence rates of major depressive illness and higher levels of psychological distress than married mothers (Avison, Ali, and Walters 2007; Lipman, Offord, and Boyle 1997; Seabrook and Avison 2012), and that many of the consequences of family structure on women's mental health result from single mothers' greater exposure to economic hardship, caregiving stress, and limited social support relative to married mothers (Avison et al.
The impact of family structure on children's educational performance continues to manifest significantly during middle and especially high school years (Steele Sigle-Rushton and Kravdal, 2009, p.
This perspective is uniquely positioned to support the inclusion of a wide range of family structures as well as challenge biases and inaccurate assumptions throughout the maternity and childbirth education fields.
Nevertheless, since our concern is the children, some consideration of the relationship between siblings is essential in evaluating the family structure which includes children with special needs.
Each panelist was asked to spend time describing their family structure and what made their family diverse.
Not surprisingly, the changes in family structure over the last 40 years have affected child and adolescent well-being.
In this paper, we apply a life course approach to better articulate the influence of family structure histories on high school completion.
We now have family structures that are not only different but unique, so that your next of kin might bear little relationship to anyone else's.
Multivariate logistic regression is used to examine the relationship between family structure and measures of access to care.
In 50% of these patients, the family structure was very limited; that is, fewer than two first- or second-degree female relatives surviving beyond 45 years on either the mother's or father's side.

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