birth order

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birth order

A child’s ordinal position among the children in a family.


a coming into being; the act or process of being born. See also parturition.

birth canal
the canal through which the fetus passes in birth; comprising the uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva.
birth cohort
see cohort.
birth control
a term rarely used in dealing with animals. Instead see population control, contraception.
birth defects
see congenital defects.
birth difficulties
birth injury
occurs to the fetus during birth. Includes rib fracture and meningeal hemorrhage.
birth interval
the interval between succeeding parturitions. See also calving interval.
multiple birth
the birth of two or more offspring produced in the same gestation period.
birth order
the chronological order of births in a multiple birth. May have significance in causing stillbirths if the intervals between births are prolonged because of inertia.
premature birth
expulsion of the fetus from the uterus before termination of the normal gestation period, but after independent existence has become a possibility. In humans prematurity is defined as a pregnancy of less than 37 weeks in a pregnancy normally lasting 40 weeks.
birth process
comprises maturation of the fetus, relaxation of the bony pelvis and associated ligaments, softening and relaxation of the cervix, vagina, vulva and perineum, correct disposition of the fetus, contractions of the uterine myometrium and finally the only component under voluntary control, contraction of the abdominal muscles.
birth rate
the number of births during one year for the total population (crude birth rate), for the female population (refined birth rate), or for the female population of reproductive age (true birth rate). Not a term much used with reference to animals. See calving, lambing rate.
birth size
stature, including height at withers, crown to tail head length at birth.
birth weight
the weight at birth. A significant determinant of survival in any species and of the occurrence of dystocia. See also prolonged gestation.
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Indigo Partners, which works with four airlines, has doubled its existing A320neo family order.
The Sultan conferred on the King the Royal Family Order of Brunei in recognition of his role in boosting relations between the two countries.
HM Sultan Hassan Al-Bolkiah confers the Royal Family Order of Brunei on HM the King.
One of the standout pieces, a two-pager titled "Jones Generations," gives third-person remarks on the author's place in her family order.
Chapter 4, "Counter-Discourses: Alterity and the Family Order," brings to the fore women's struggle against the family order within patriarchal culture in the works of Calixthe Beyala, Andree Chedid, Ying Chen, Ananda Devi and Marie NDiaye.
The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II depicts The Queen in evening dress wearing the ribbon and star of the Order of the Garter bordered by diamonds and surmounted by a Tudor crown in diamonds and red enamel.
Most Malagasy consider status based not on how much money and power one has but on one's position in the family order of ascendants and descendants.
In so doing, they undermined the therapeutic process and perpetuated a self-destructing family order.
This latest order from ACG for 30 A320neo's brings the lessor's total A320 Family order book to 98 aircraft.
Many North American readers likely will be frustrated that this wealth of detail in an unindexed book is not presented instead by family order.
He wouldn't answer the phone and would have his family order food for him in restaurants.
The control exposure variables were: age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic level, origin, mother's educational level, and child's family order.