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The deliberate action of telling, writing, or documenting information that is inaccurate or incomplete.
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v to forge; to give a false appearance to anything, as to falsify a record.
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It was also claimed Jeffery was placed under pressure by senior managers to falsify data and had attempted to raise concerns which were "simply ignored".
was asked to falsify a report to cover up cracks in a neutron-measuring device at the No.
But Popper argues that some falsified theories have contributed more to the growth of science than have safe, shallow theories that no one has bothered to falsify.
On August 4, the Government Accountability Office released a report that EDMC may have encouraged applicants to falsify financial aid forms.
They are all accused of being part of a conspiracy to falsify driving records.
The defendant worked as an investigator at the Follow-up and Investigation Section of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) when he allegedly abused his post to gain illegal access to the department's electronic system and falsify the records.
During the opening statement, the prosecutors also read out a confession by the accountants, in which said they helped Kanebo falsify the financial statements to cover up the company's past window dressing and to avoid responsibility for their involvement in the fraud.
Navy engaged in incredibly aggressive operations against Soviet Naval forces, concealing the dangers from the American leadership, often going so far as to falsify patrol reports.