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The deliberate action of telling, writing, or documenting information that is inaccurate or incomplete.
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v to forge; to give a false appearance to anything, as to falsify a record.
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If the falsifier doctored the original recording and then transferred it to another tape to circumvent the problems associated with splicing, he would have other issues with which to contend.
Florio's A World of Words says a falsifier is "a counter feiter, a forger, a false coiner.
A typical contradiction: in 1881 Wagner refused to sign an anti-Semitic petition by Bernhard Foerster (whose wife, Nietzsche's sister and falsifier, lived to be honored by Hitler).
You did not have the right to take a falsifier of history and to recast him in the colors of truth.
une part infime, mais qui suffit largement a falsifier le Message et a drainer les inconscients sur les chemins de l'egarement et de la barbarie.
Since you were courteous enough to provide me with a prepublication copy of your proposed text labeling me, among other things, a hypocrite, a coward, a falsifier of documents and a shakedown artist and calling for my disbarment, I will provide you the reciprocal courtesy of a serious response, without the venom.
His father, Lope de Leon, who was oidor of the Chancellery of Granada, equivalent to an United States Supreme Court Justice, had been convicted, on the other hand, as a falsifier in matters of "hidalgufa" in 1561 -- a failed attempt, on Leon's part, to fabricate a family history and conceal his own Jewish ancestry.
He threatened to publicly declare Fultz a liar and a falsifier if he could not produce a sample contract.
La violence esclavagiste s'accompagne depuis toujours d'une action psychologique soutenue visant a falsifier l'histoire, arracher aux vaincus leurs reperes et leur identite, les amener a douter meme de leur humanite, les destabiliser de fond en comble:
Former Zionist confreres such as Khaim Nakhman Bialik, shocked, denounced him as a traitor and falsifier worthy only of rejection and contempt.
And we say that the present case is more serious than that of compelling the production of documents or chattels, because here the witness is compelled to write and create, by means of the act of writing, evidence which does not exist, and which may identify him as a falsifier.