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The deliberate action of telling, writing, or documenting information that is inaccurate or incomplete.
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v to forge; to give a false appearance to anything, as to falsify a record.
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26) Yet, as I hope to show in the following sections, such individual or dominant faith may be founded on false beliefs based on a misguided identification of causation, beliefs that are not falsifiable, and/or beliefs that are not physically (and logically) possible.
And its falsifiable predictions need not be temporal: 'To avoid confusion, it should perhaps be noted explicitly that the 'predictions' .
He explicates the axiom by saying: "(1) it is a law of reality that is not conceivably falsifiable, and yet is empirically meaningful and true; (2) it rests on universal inner experience, and not simply on external experience, i.
On the other hand, Libet himself, who is rather Popperian in epistemology, holds that his experiment is just as compatible with a form of materialism as with a form of dualism of mind and brain, of a neo-Cartesian variety, though only to the extent that dualism and materialism are metaphysical alternatives without any true empirical significance, not being falsifiable.
The rigorously defined syntax (data language) and semantics (meaning) of behavior analysis lends precision to the prediction and control of behavior as well as rendering its predictions easily falsifiable.
Popper proposes that an explanatory theory should be evaluated in terms of a set of explanatory merits, including that: it is falsifiable, that is, in conjunction with suitable background knowledge, it contradicts some possible observation statements; it solves the problems it was designed to solve; it proceeds from a unifying idea; it is self-consistent; it is consistent with agreed observation statements; it entails new falsifiable predictions some of which contradict some of those of rival explanations; it corrects, and thus explains, the corroborated regularities of currently accepted theories; and it is a survivor of attempted falsifications (1972a, 39, 40-42, 82-86, 86-87, 108-109, 123, 253n*2; 1972f, 217-20, 241-45; 1983, 29-30, 139-45).
In this sense, it seems to me that Akerlof and Shiller are advocating a methodological movement away from the more scientific models that come from optimization and rational behavior which generate falsifiable outcomes.
We suggest, as a falsifiable hypothesis, that a regulated market in organs, undertaken in countries where safeguards and oversight are possible, is a plausible and morally defensible solution to the growing shortage of available organs.
Still, every construction is contingent as well as falsifiable in a Darwinian universe; hence, every construction is subject to deconstruction and reconstruction.
98) With this falsifiable version of minimalism in hand, Siegel analyzes a selection of cases from the October 2003 Term of the Supreme Court and finds their minimalism wanting according to his operational definition.
deliberation and falsifiable conceptualizations), the loneliness of leadership (i.