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The deliberate action of telling, writing, or documenting information that is inaccurate or incomplete.
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v to forge; to give a false appearance to anything, as to falsify a record.
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And by the way the naturalist paradigm is indeed falsifiable (contrary to creationist Philip Johnson).
Thus a statement of what "is" is falsifiable by comparison with nature, whereas what "ought to be" is not falsifiable.
I may have an argument for the impossibility of a truly falsifiable scientific biomedical theory of clinical depression and, moreover, no scientific biomedical theory relative to which the notion of placebo can be defined according to Grunbaum's analysis.
The eminent philosopher Sir Karl Popper argued in his youth that nothing could be "science" unless it was falsifiable.
The globe is anthropomorphically delineated by the borders of states whose inhabitants are supposed to share common cultures and loyalties; an easily falsifiable premise for almost any unit bigger than San Marino, its general application has produced hideous results, the most obvious being the Procrustean approach to nation-building, which stretches or cuts off populations to fit "sacred" boundaries.
But this is to assume that the theory of conservative welfare reform is falsifiable by evidence of human misery, and that may be expecting too much.
In some ways, science is the metaphysics that succeeded in spawning bold theories which are not only well articulated and critically debated but also observably testable--and by testable, Popper means falsifiable.
It must be falsifiable but should be accompanied by solid empirical support for its predictions.
But (as every undergraduate knows) the malin genie hypothesis is not falsifiable - except perhaps by the malin genie himself.
104), for he distinguished between physical laws falsifiable in isolation (called 'level-1 hypotheses') and those that are not ('level-2 hypotheses') and assigned to 'bon sens' the decision when to regard experiments as 'in practice crucial' for level-2 hypotheses.
At any rate, while most religious beliefs are not falsifiable, this one is.