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ASIC alleges that between July 2013 and June 2014, Mr Donaldson recorded false transactions and false fixed cashflows in Deutsche Bank's internal systems in relation to financial products, including US Treasury Note Futures.
A CARPHONE Warehouse worker stole over PS7,000 from the phone giant by making false transactions while working in Coventry.
When more that 51% of the computing power is controlled by an entity, it can effectively certify false transactions," notes Keenan.
Anthony Vine, prosecuting on behalf of Royal Mail, said the defendants made a total of more than 500 false transactions using All Star Business Solutions fuel cards which should have been used by drivers going about their business for Royal Mail.
Shorter set the fire after making a series of false transactions at the ATM.
He added most of the information is usually sold on nefarious websites, which is why most false transactions will not happen in the country where the card was scanned.
2 per cent jump in shipments to Hong Kong that highlighted suspicions of false transactions used to mask capital flows into China.
Martinez, allegedly stole more than $50,000 by making false transactions in a scheme that involved using names and information of fictitious customers.
What did happen is that Iceland now enjoys normal economic growth, sharply declining unemployment and underemployment and does not consider trading paper whose value is based upon false transactions to be part of a their GDP.
Kerviel, who told the court he was currently unemployed and had no source of income, has admitted regularly exceeding trading limits and logging false transactions to cover his gambles, but says this was common practice.
The court heard that Regan, who took over as head teacher in 2005, had submitted around 20 false transactions in a scam repeated every one or two months.
2 million dollars from the bank by fudging records and staging at least 77 false transactions.