false light

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false light,

n a misleading fashion in which a person is depicted before the public that a reasonable person finds offensive and damaging.
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That electricity was a false light was equally clear to Vladimir Lenin, who said in 1918 during a conversation with Leonid Krasin on the electrification of Russia, "Let the peasant pray to electricity.
This viewpoint only focuses on false light publicity violation of the right to identity.
the false light tort has become increasingly popular as a means of
Florida's False Light Doctrine," will explore recent developments in case law in this emerging area.
The plaintiff claimed that defendant's mistaken reference resulted in invasion of privacy by appropriation and invasion of privacy by false light.
The track, False Light, has seen everyone from Erick Morillo to Tiesto supporting this one.
parent company of the USA Today newspaper and the Arizona Republic for libel, false light invasion of privacy, injurious falsehood and tortuous interference with business relations.
Cone and Valenzuela for infringement of copyright, trademark violation, libel, false light, slander, misleading representation of a business, and violation of a California statute outlawing threats of violence against someone based on their sex or sexual orientation.
Someone shrilled that the question of the nickel price threw the rest of the story into a false light that she had not seen before until the vase problem was introduced.
Obtaining dismissal of numerous lawsuits against media defendants for defamation and/or false light invasion of privacy
In its Demand, Medtel24 also asserts related common law torts including, among other things, unfair competition, intentional interference with economic advantages/contract, false light, lack of good faith and fair dealing, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.