false image

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false im·age

the image in the deviating eye in strabismus.

false im·age

(fawls im'ăj)
The image in the deviating eye in strabismus.


(im'ij) [Fr. image fr. L. imago, copy, likeness]
1. A mental picture representing a real object.
2. A more or less accurate likeness of a thing or person.
3. A picture of an object as produced by a lens or mirror.
4. In radiology, a representation of structures within the body as a result of examination by various physical phenomena (e.g., x-rays, gamma rays, sound, or radio).

body image

1. The subjective image or picture people have of their physical appearance based on their own observations and the reaction of others.
2. The conscious and unconscious perception of one's body at any particular time.

direct image

An image produced from radiation without secondary image receptors. Synonym: virtual image

double image

A perceived image that occurs in strabismus when the visual axes of the eyes are not directed toward the same object. Synonym: false image
See: diplopia

false image

Double image.

inverted image

An image that is turned upside down.

latent image

1. An unprocessed image physically present within an image receptor but not yet visible.
2. In radiology, the image within the emulsion of an exposed radiograph that is invisible because it has not been developed.

mirror image

An image of an object in which right and left are reversed. The term is also used to indicate the similarity of chemical substances or persons with quite similar personalities and looks (e.g., identical twins).

Purkinje-Sanson images

See: Purkinje, Johannes E. von

radiographic image


real image

The image formed by convergence of rays of light from an object.

virtual image

Direct image.
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This company has been selling a false image of itself to the public.
In other words, if you promote a false image for gain, you are fair game.
Seeing a youngster like Michelle getting an opportunity such as this helps to destroy the false image that women golfers are a bunch of old fuddy-duddies," she said.
Unfortunately, this gives a false image, mainly because there is no bite to the game.
Stasists do dominate our lives and they project the false image of the ``risk-free society.
The report, in his view, has also helped dispel the false image the opposition has been creating.
While releasing a white paper on the state's fiscal health, Khattar slammed Hooda for creating a false image of Haryana.
Come on, we're all aware of the foolishness of actors and publicity and false image.
The false image of nonviolent civil resistance that many people have is of angry, undisciplined protest demonstrations confronting lines of armored police.
Its "liveness detection" technology can distinguish between the real person and a false image or video in less than 15 seconds, enhancing its value proposition.
During his visit to the Port of Rades, the PM voiced concern about the poor storage conditions of confiscated goods which could have a negative impact on the port's activities and give a false image of the quality of services offered and efforts exerted to encourage trade exchanges.
It's great branding and it's self perpetuating but it's a false image.