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This result contradicts the assertion of fallacy 5 that the critical radius is quickly crossed and only appears to the distant observer to take infinite time because of light propagation.
For Aristotle the fallacy of accident arises from mistakes about being per accidens and not from accidental predication.
In Chapter 2, he rebuts some common reasons given for excluding matters of conscience from the public square, and he shows that the Privacy Fallacy has insulated organized religion from criticism and allowed it to influence culture and politics with impunity.
A common fallacy motivating a major portion of the discussion is that of assuming sameness when there is no reason to expect sameness.
By contrast, financial incentives for accurate prediction can eliminate the planning fallacy.
As the deer god, you're smart enough to see the fallacy in that plan.
He declares, "The moral fallacy of Smith's position is that it urges us to accept direct and concrete evil in order that indirect and abstract good may come of it" (3).
It is a fallacy to think that Wales cannot survive as an independent nation, and it is a fallacy that Wales would separate from the rest of the world.
According to Feinberg, behavioral finance is the sole academic discipline that explains the frequently irrational actions of investors, and the concept of the sunk-cost fallacy is one of the field's primary foundations.
A Failure of Nerve examines fallacies of emotional and intellectual thinking that can bedevil leaders of individual, group, and national efforts, including the fallacy of paying too much attention to raw accumulated data; the fallacy of allowing empathy for others' feelings (normally a positive quality) to corrupt logical reasoning or blind one's measured consideration of new ideas; and the importance of the expression of the self in a leader.
But when a large number of economies in the region are engulfed in balance sheet recessions at the same time, and if all of them must abide by the Maastricht limit, a fallacy of composition problem is created which will push the entire region into a deflationary spiral.
The study states that the idea of structured parking in a downtown area creating congestion is a fallacy reporting that upwards of 30% of downtown drivers are trying to find parking, which can be solved by the assurance of an accessible parking garage.