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She has over 20 years experience representing clients in various types of medical negligence cases which include a significant number of cases involving the failure to timely diagnose and treat breast cancer and other major health issues related to women.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The facts appear to present a clear cut case of failure to timely diagnose and appropriately treat what apparently was a stroke.
The affidavit stated, with specificity, the grounds upon which the affiant relied, including, inter alia, failure to timely diagnose and recognize the patient's myocardial infarction symptoms and referred to the five (5) episodes of angina, and the failure to timely order diagnostic tests.
After the death of the patient, allegedly as a result of the failure to timely diagnose and treat the patient's bacterial meningitis, the patient's personal representative brought suit against the hospital and the physicians, two of physicians, Dr.
My firm represented Leo in his lawsuit against the attending physicians, the infectious disease specialist, and the radiologist for failure to timely diagnose the abscess.
The case, filed in Rockland County, New York, involved an infant who suffered brain damage at six weeks of age due to a failure to timely diagnose and treat meningitis and sepsis caused by the GBS bacteria.
However, in some cases physicians who know all too well that their failure to timely diagnose and/or render appropriate treatment to their patients, say nothing.
Ordinarily, a patient who has been the victim of a failure to timely diagnose her condition brings suit against her attending physician.
In this extraordinary Illinois case, a patient and her husband brought suit against physicians who were Ob/Gyns and their professional practice group for the failure to timely diagnose the patient's cervical cancer.
The patient presented expert testimony that, but for the failure to timely diagnose and treat her cancer, she would have had greater than fifty percent chance of a complete cure and that the one-year delay in treatment after metastasis of the cancer left her with the probability of not surviving more than ten years after diagnosis.
ISSUE: In this unusual Louisiana case, a first reading might indicate that the physician who initially treated a patient in an emergency room of a Louisiana hospital tailed to timely perform tests resulting in the Failure to timely diagnose the patient's condition.