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Vox populi—UK A cigarette
Vox populi—US A derogatory term for a gay man
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He loved a fag, did Johan, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather have had him in my side than a wholly average but nicotine-free Premier League player every day of the week.
Did you go online and find another fag to sleep with on one of those fag websites?
Fake fags are usually poor quality and can contain dangerous contents like mouse droppings, floor sweepings and much higher levels of carbon monoxide.
Ads showed new mums puffing away on Philip Morris fags while holding their babies.
Charlotte Church - during her teenage years the singing sensation's liking for a crafty fag regularly led to punning tabloid headlines screaming 'vice of an angel'; good job then, in light of today's ban, that she's reportedly long-since given up.
So, if anyone sees me this weekend with a fag in my mouth, feel free to harangue and abuse me.
My fags give me comfort and steadied my nerves in moments of crisis.
Well, in the States most of the newest fag art--art deploying a fag sign system--is faux naive, boho, crunchy, Radical Faerie-ish, reeking of patchouli, crystal meth, astro-vividness, and (super yuck) collectivity.
I THOUGHT the title of the winner of I'mA Celebrity,Get Me Out Of Here was The King of the Jungle not Serial Philanderer,Give Me A Fag, I Need A Drink.
In ``A Well Respected Man,'' Davies sings of his snooty protagonist: ``He likes his own back yard/-And he likes his fags the best.
He would down a fourlitre bottle of coke and a few fags, but no-one mentioned it.
Outside our school there were a few shops and I would ask people to buy me fags with my dinner money.