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Vox populi—UK A cigarette
Vox populi—US A derogatory term for a gay man
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Paul Steele, manager of the Knowsley Fag Ends service, said: "We are delighted with the figures.
FAG Aerospace became involved in the development of the engine bearing concepts as early as 2005.
Vera O'Hare from Aigburth, 56, said Fag Ends sessions had broken her 40-year smoking habit.
I'll be the first to admit that I decided to try quitting fags for New Year at the last minute.
You're a bigger fag, crybaby," I said, wiping honey mustard off my parachute pants.
So when I woke up on New Year's morning, my sore throat and mouth like an open sewer it made it easy for me to say no to a fag.
Trouble is, he had a fag at Eton, and once dependent on fags, always dependent on fags.
I was very punk rock and very proud of myself for not being that kind of fag, that kind of queen.
Set a date, then look forward to putting out your last fag .
More than 980 people who joined Fag Ends between January and March this year have stopped smoking.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Inner Racer Step Size For Wag7 Loco Of Fag Design Each Set Consist Of Three 03 Items.
The bad-tempered detective, played by actor Ken Stott - who smokes in real life - becomes enraged when he's told to stub his fag out.