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Abbreviation for Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.


n a thing done; an event or a circumstance; an actual occurrence.
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Sekulow added: "The NARAL ad is not only factually flawed - it is a shameful attempt to link a case that had no bearing on violence to the despicable act committed at a Birmingham clinic years later.
This economically misguided and factually indefensible decision is the result of a biased process that was politically motivated.
This was set forth in counsel's opening letter of March 9, 2005 which factually focused on how the systematic manipulation of the closing bid on the Berlin Exchange enables short sellers to maintain short positions in eFoodSafety through an arbitrage which encompasses the Berlin bid of 18 cents versus the NASD Bulletin Board current bid of 33 cents.
Not satisfied, Adair sought to be declared factually innocent in a bid to clear her record for employment and other purposes.
Frank D'Addario commented that the allegations regarding the issuance of 200,000 common shares of EMS to his parents without payment are factually incorrect, defamatory and wholly inaccurate.
Adair triggered the inquiry by asking the court to go beyond a jury's finding of not guilty and declare her factually innocent - a move that would destroy any record of her arrest.
Shows every client a comparison of all filing options to factually illustrate the cost and timeline associated with every refund option.
Citigroup released a summary of its response today, believing that the well-publicized but factually baseless allegations that accompanied the Extraordinary Administrator's rejection of its claims and those of the securitisation companies Eureka and Archimede compelled Citigroup to demonstrate that the Extraordinary Commissioner's view of Citigroup's complicity in the Parmalat fraud is unfounded and completely false.
Many times I've had to correct a misconception from Glendale residents who have either been told only half the story on a particular issue or in certain cases been told something that was factually wrong.
Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 prohibits the filing of legally and factually frivolous motions that are designed solely to harass.
Regardless of the facts, the ``guns are bad'' segment of 20th-century America will say anything to further its factually challenged, emotion-based cause, even raping the Bill of Rights in the process.
We have always believed our ads to be truthful and factually accurate.