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Abbreviation for Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.


n a thing done; an event or a circumstance; an actual occurrence.
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Their study featured 21 four year-olds, 19 six year-olds, and 21 eight year-olds, and concluded that children's judgments across all age groups were correct, as the participants were convinced of the factuality of scientific entities and the non-factuality of equivocal and impossible beings.
Once it is clear that Nathan hides behind the third person pronoun, the hierarchy of factuality collapses because both the report of the events of the day and the notebook entries come from the same (inevitably biased) source.
Here, Johnson's interests are not in the factuality or non- factuality of Toaff's assertions and claims, but instead in the controversies of interpretive readings surrounding them and the vested interests of those on the attack, both in Israel and elsewhere.
For the latter, any interpretation appears suspect if it seems to deny the factuality of something in the Bible.
Pierre finds instances of superficial factuality that insist on closer attention.
Finally, as a painter, it was delicious to see someone who has remained true to the factuality of what paint and painting is, applying colored liquid, charcoal, and crayon to pieces of fabric stretched on pieces of wood, and making something wondrous happen.
In the light of the Surveyors' Conclusion of the factuality of the Loss, they have to take into account the Provisions of the Underwriters' relative Policy of Insurance and to see whether the Insureds' Loss would fall within the ambit of the Insurers' relevant Policy of Insurance and, if so, whether any Policy Deductibles are applicable on the Insureds' Claim as well.
Facts, Davidson maintains, cannot be the items to which true sentences correspond because the notion of factuality cannot informatively explicate the nature of correspondence.
Criteria for selection included appropriateness for intended audience and factuality based on accepted theories and research.
the literal level of factuality to a symbolic level where the contradiction is resolved in meaning" (164).
It is ten years since Craig Hight and Jane Roscoe published their first study of Mockumentary, Fakin' It: Mock-Documentary and the Subversion of Factuality.
metaphysical effect, facticity and factuality, excessive events and saturated events, poor and common law phenomena vs.