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Abbreviation for Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.


n a thing done; an event or a circumstance; an actual occurrence.
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Kroll Factual Data's FactualID-Identity Report uses a cutting-edge, proprietary risk assessment engine to comprehensively identify applicant misrepresentation.
All of these factors may make early construction of the taxpayer's factual case and successful satisfaction of the IRS's concerns the most crucial elements of success.
On July 21,2003, in connection with the proposed acquisition of Factual Data by Kroll, Kroll and Factual Data filed a definitive proxy statement/prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") regarding the proposed transaction.
the global risk consulting company, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Factual Data Corp.
It held that only if a taxpayer's evidence is so deficient that a decision in the taxpayer's favor would not survive appeal does a taxpayer lack substantial authority from a factual perspective.
LOVELAND, Colo -- Kroll Factual Data, a leading provider of independent verification services to mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, property management firms and other businesses, announced today that Rod Bazzani has joined the company as president.
Factual is a data company that helps make sense of what's happening in the physical world, enabling developers, publishers, and advertisers to build more relevant and personalized mobile experiences using the context of location.
Benefits of Kroll Factual Data's suite of risk analysis solutions include:
The second change is the increased factual focus of tax controversies.
TruAlert is an ideal service for mitigating losses due to identity theft as well as for facilitating compliance with the final Customer Identification Program regulations defined by Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act," said James Donnan, senior vice president, Kroll Factual Data.
Examination or Collection) to negotiate a resolution of factual issues with the assistance of an Appeals Officer.
Currently profiling over 500 issuers, Standard & Poor's Factual Stock Reports, produced by S&P Capital IQ, increase market awareness of issuers in the investment community with insightful commentary and key statistics and information.