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facsimile (fax)

a method of transmitting images or printed matter by electronic means. Images are scanned, converted into electronic signals, and sent over telephone lines to a fax receiver, which reconverts the electronic data into a duplicate of the original image.
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Presumably, the principal concern of a performer using a facsimile is in the work (s) to which the facsimile's text provides access, not in the document in which the text happens to be found.
The facsimile also collates outgoing and incoming transmissions without using valuable memory.
The HP FAX-310 facsimile comes with a two-line alphanumeric LED read-out.
Chessie was one of the nation's first railroads to use facsimile machines.
Second, the facsimile in question is less likely to be used as a performing edition than are some of the other works in Broude's series.
A Rapicom 6300 digital transceiver from Ricoh of West Caldwell, New Jersey, was installed at Zapata's Houston office as the "hub' of its international facsimile network.
With the possible exception of Igor Stravinsky, whose manuscripts have immediate visual appeal as masterworks of musical orthography, and thus a built-in reason for publishing them separately, the facsimile market has yet to catch up with most twentieth-century composers.
Moreover, intellectual curiosity at times gives way to frustration as the reader is left flipping backward and forward through the volume in search of notes to the text, notes to the music, or the facsimile of the original libretto.
Facsimile has been one of the cornerstones of electronic mail for many years.
Two other answers were published in 1617 under pseudonyms, Ester hath hang'd Haman by "Ester Sowernam" and The Worming of a mad Dogge by "Constantia Munda," for which one should refer to the facsimile edition of Defences of Women below).