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facsimile (fax)

a method of transmitting images or printed matter by electronic means. Images are scanned, converted into electronic signals, and sent over telephone lines to a fax receiver, which reconverts the electronic data into a duplicate of the original image.

facsimile (faksim´ilē),

n a true copy that preserves all the markings and contents of the original.
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Since the Brussels example is missing and the Parisian one is "unavailable," Harris uses the London copy for the critical facsimile with collations from the Hamburg example (we are not told why he favors the London copy).
it was estimated that 125,000 facsimile transceivers were installed in the United States, more than half of dial-up "convenience" fax machines.
A welcome step toward substance occurred with the printing of the Piano Sonata facsimile in 1980, again edited by Somfai (Sonata (1926), Piano Solo: Facsimile Edition of the Manuscript (National Szechenyi Library, Budapest) [New York: Boosey & Hawkes; Budapest: Editio Musita]).
To ensure the transmission of documents, the NEFAX 596 facsimile provides memory backup, protecting stored documents in the event of power loss or interruption.
To store documents from fax terminals for forwarding later to other terminals, we recently introduced a facsimile congested terminals.
The facsimile is based on the Folger copy of the second edition (STC 23447) with a few illegible lines patched from the British Library copy (xii).
The various black-and-white plates reproduce materials that deserve to be made available in a full-size, full-color facsimile similar to the manuscript presented here in facsimile.
Existing users are sharing in this growth by upgrading their equipment from older, low-speed analog facsimile devices to new high-speed digital units with high resolution scanning and printing.
Today's small businesses demand that Facsimile technology meet ever-increasing speed, memory, resolution and media requirements," said Sam Yoshida, director and general manager for Canon U.
Inc "The latest generation of Canon's imageRUNNER, CLC and facsimile products offer an unprecedented level of network integration and document management options as well as meet a broad range of production requirements.
This companion volume to The New Ellesmere Chaucer Facsimile is the first collection of essays by leading Chaucerians and historians of the book entirely devoted to the Ellesmere manuscript of the Canterbury Tales.
The FAXCAST service also operates in Europe and Southeast Asia and is the only known system in the world to broadcast facsimile simultaneously on the Vertical Blanking Interval of both television and satellite broadcast channels to an unlimited audience.