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First, one of my legs starts shaking while seated, then there's the facial tics, and when he wins a vital point I'm on my feet pointing at the goldfish bowl shouting "C'mon".
Sam being told to "stop pulling faces", despite suffering from facial tics due to Tourettes.
His main concern wasn't the harsh tale of his boozing and womanising but the actor's expressions, with him wanting Dormer to reduce the number of his facial tics.
Then there's the facial tics and a phobia of the outdoors.
Other uses for botox being investigated include treatment for strokes, migraines, facial tics and stuttering.
Working on this idea in the eighties, American Dr Alan Scott injected tiny amounts of the same lethal botulism toxin into certain muscles to immobilise them and treated cross-eyes, facial tics and spasms.
Allergan specialised in ophthalmic medicine and Pyott instantly recognised the potential of their drug Botox, which was at that stage used for treating crossed eyes, squints and facial tics by freezing the muscle fibres.
Under the close scrutiny allowed by the modest capacity of this school hall venue, Brendel's facial tics and sotto voce droning threatened to distract but instead conveyed intensity, enhancing the substance imparted even to the five opening Beethoven Bagatelles (so-called 'trifles') by his ability to capture detail while sustaining the overview.
The physical resemblance to Frankie is remarkable (below) and Little Britain star Walliams has the facial tics and eccentric vocal delivery off pat - though he admits he has been practising for a long time.
Anyway, with the help of his dimwit sidekick (Ben Miller) and Natalie Imbruglia (the smart one who used to be on Neighbours) as the obligatory foxy yet dangerous beauty, you have the recipe for a film that mercilessly takes the mickey out of all things Bondesque, while letting Atkinson give another OTT performance of gurning facial tics and word mangling.
A flurry of faltering speech patterns, clapping, jumping up and down, facial tics and excessive hand gestures mean it's virtually an actor's textbook of mental disability mannerisms - no wonder it earned him an Oscar nomination.
Some folk under pressure might develop facial tics, but Mercy's left peg takes on a life of it's own and tries to leave the studio